May 24, 2009

Friends is a synonim of fashions

Friends.Some of them were helpful while some were helpless.I described bestfriend as a person who you feel comfortable to be with,easy-going and understanding.They don't treat you like a dog.But it is okay if Chihuahua-type.

If you're fat,bestfriend would never call you 'skinny'.But they will jog with you next day to help you burns out your 'fat'.

If you're in the jail,friends would come to visit you,but bestfriend will be there beside you and told 'Shit! We failed again!'

If you're crying,they will instantly feel the pain.

If you're like a cracked egg,they will made you like the golden one.

If you're in trouble,they would never leave you alone.

If you making jokes,they would laugh three times.First,when its told.Second,when you're trying to explain it.And third,when you guys finally get it.

If you with all your friends want to jump off the bridge,bestfriend wouldn't jump with you.But they'd be at the bottom to catch you.

If you say something,friends listen to what you say but bestfriend listen to what you don't say.

They see you without make-up and they didn't scream.

They know how crazy you are, but they still choose to be seen with you in public.

If you're LOST,they would be definately the one who FOUND you.

They say,the bestest friends is the worstest enemies.
And it is much easier to destroy than create.

May 16, 2009


Today is what a day yaw.Exhausted.I accompany my own 'David Archuleta' look alike friend,he is Faidhi to meet his wife.We're in KLCC.I don't know that KLCC is that boring.

But I love Kinokuniya!I've went to many bookshop.There's no such place like it.I've found a book that I really want.It is 'The Israel-Palestine Conflict'.I want it so bad.The price was,uhh!

p/s : Faidhi tolong belikan!Tak mahal,RM128 je.