Nov 24, 2012


You want a pair of thick eyelashes and eyebrows? 

One night,I imagined what if I own thick eyelashes,damn I must look like Zayn Malik of One Direction,hahaha kidding.I wonder is there any way to make it possible? Fortunately,Google said yes.Do you recognize this shit?
I might be the last person to know that Vaseline can do that! What Vaseline? That RM4.90 petroleum jelly.It can makes your eyelashes thicker,longer and healthier.Applied a small amount of it to your eyelashes every night before sleep.I don't even know about it,damn there's a million videos applying Vaseline to eyelashes on YouTube.Based on the video comments,most people came out with positive outcomes!

Me? I tried it once.Fuck it,such an annoying process.I'm suck at taking care of my look.Too lazy to do anything about it.I do love my present 'eyes',so far!

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