Nov 24, 2012


You want a pair of thick eyelashes and eyebrows? 

One night,I imagined what if I own thick eyelashes,damn I must look like Zayn Malik of One Direction,hahaha kidding.I wonder is there any way to make it possible? Fortunately,Google said yes.Do you recognize this shit?
I might be the last person to know that Vaseline can do that! What Vaseline? That RM4.90 petroleum jelly.It can makes your eyelashes thicker,longer and healthier.Applied a small amount of it to your eyelashes every night before sleep.I don't even know about it,damn there's a million videos applying Vaseline to eyelashes on YouTube.Based on the video comments,most people came out with positive outcomes!

Me? I tried it once.Fuck it,such an annoying process.I'm suck at taking care of my look.Too lazy to do anything about it.I do love my present 'eyes',so far!

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Do I look cute enough for you? 


bukankosong said...



Anonymous said...

& & you can use it to masturbate :)

Kehoe Cheong said...

Bukankosong. Eh dah jadi ke?

Anonymous. Yeahhh! Of course. Masturbate using Vaseline is a new thing for me

Anonymous said...

Kan? My ex boyfie use it to masturbate and dia kata that's the best lubricant ever. Hahaha you've tried masturbate using vaseline, baby?

Kehoe Cheong said...

Hahahaha,you are funny as hell.Who are you actually? Why you asked me mainly about masturbation?

Sorry for asking,but this is my very first time being asked about this here.Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Bcause I'm just kinky/horny liddat. Hahahaha.. It's okay, get prepared for tons of question regarding it lepas lepas ni =p

Btw your pic at the end of ur entry is cute as hell! Muah to thattt! =D

One day we will meet in real life and I bet you're not going to regret of knowing me :p

Kehoe Cheong said...

Hahahaha,okay if you said so.So mysterious.However,I will try to answer your questions as best as I could.

Siti Maisarah Zulhaimi said...

Thank you for your fearless comment on my blog! ^^ I adore yours, too!
PS. Damn, I just accidentally deleted THAT comment omg what iz wronggg with meeeeeeeeeeee I'll never forgive myself huaaaaaaa T_____T

Anonymous said...

muka kawan kau tu best.hahah.lawak gile muka dia. XD

Kehoe Cheong said...

Ehh,muka aku lagi best lah. Hahaha itu Suarez Malaysia

Nur Khalida said...

Kawan kau hahahaha