Apr 28, 2012


"Bila jumpa rasa biasa je.Tapi,bila tak jumpa,sehari rasa macam seribu tahun lamanya.."

Ewww.A very hopeless romantic line! But I'm not going to lie about what I feel.So,I want to ask you,is that normal in relationship? Where you miss someone like pretty pretty pretty hard? I'm such a newbie in this love thingy,I looked like I know everything about woman but to be honest,I know exactly nothing.

How come I never felt the same with my ex before? The relationship I have with Rainbow is quite different compared to relationships that I used to have,in a very good way.

Whatever,one sure thing is madly in love is a very good feeling.

Apr 26, 2012


Well,my throat and tummy always growling for something new.Today,I dated Rainbow,we haven't met for a month I guess.We went to Midvalley Megamall to check out what's happening there since I haven't stepped myself in Midvalley since,T-Rex was still a baby?

Both of us need to feed in something new and fresh,not Subway,not Wendy's,not Carl's Junior,not that kind of food anymore.I came up with an idea,what about Korean food? So,I began Tweeting,asking if there's any Seoul Garden.Sadly,no.It is only available in One Utama.Then,I saw this...

I was like,why not? Here are some pictures taken.

Alaaa,buat muka comel pulak.Pang sekali,nak?

I ordered this.The name is Buldogi,damn it sounds like a bulldog! A complete set of meal,suitable for those 'pelahap' out there.

Rice in the bottom.Slices of carrots,corn pickles,kimchi,seaweed,roasted beefs on the top.Yeah,half-cooked egg yolk at the center.

The vegetables are..I don't know.It looks weird.It tastes weird as well.

Finish and happy.Feel so much Gu Jun Pyo alike! Muntahhhh....

p/s : I used to think national Korean food,Kimchi tastes like Popiah Basah,Not even close!

Apr 24, 2012


Dealing physically with people who hate you can be so useless.It's like,whether you good or bad,there must be certain people who hate you.When they hate,they just hate.Absolutely with no reason,sometimes.

I am a 20 years old guy now.To be honest,I think I have no problem dealing with the people I hate.I only love the people who love me and I only hate people who hate me.Easy,right? When people hate you,the best way is don't ever give a fuck towards their presence in your life.Let's just pretend that they don't even existed in the first place.

I'm a butterfly and you are a maggot.I'm shining like a bright star,while you just a dead and damp asteroid.I've got NO TIME to put my knuckles inside your throat or bite your neck until it gets apart of your body.I live in my own world,I never stepped myself into yours,so don't bother mine.

People hate you because they can't be you and they can't have you.Don't hate back,it's not worth your time.Stop wasting your times with the wrong people!

Apr 4, 2012


What a phenomenon.Everyone is talking about her nowadays.To be honest,I really like her.I'm not saying that I'm madly in love with her,I just like her.She might be overrated,but I do think she has something that differ her from any local artists nowadays.

1. She's super-sexy
Everyone knows that.Well,I've heard she's 35-25-36,is that true? Her body can make all boys go WOW and girls go DUHH.

2. She's a beauty with brain.
Like a real brain.I just found out that she she scored 5A in UPSR,8A in PMR and 10A in SPM.How many celebrities managed to do that?

3.She will be a huge business tycoon!
She launched Neelofa Heels her very own business career and how old is she again? Right,22.Moreover,she's from a very rich family and I really adore those rich kids who make money by their daddy's money.

4. She's a natural beauty.
See her with no make-up,still a stunner,right? Well,some might said,'aku tengok Neelofa tu biasa je,tak lawa mana pun'...Depends on your interests,okay? Beauty lies on the eyes of beholder.To my eyes,she's really beautiful.

5. Because of this picture...I've showed it to 10 friends of mine,9 of them were like 'asdfghjkl mak aihhh hot gila sial' and that other 1 friends didn't say anything,because he's a gay.

Apr 3, 2012


Well,I've got a job as a Sales Assistant at Daiso Japan,The Mines.You know what is Daiso,aren't you? In case if you don't know,Daiso is a new-established company from Japan which sells Japanese products like everything you just name it.What's more exciting,it sells everything at RM5!

They asked me to work like 13 hours in a day,but the basic is like RM1400.
Moreover,an additional RM60 will be added if you managed to get full attendance with punctuality.I'm so not going to let it go! I will start working this upcoming Monday.Wish me the best,guys.

Hihihi,it's been a while I didn't watch any movies.The last one was John Carter.I would like to bring my girlfriend to watch The Vow today,is it okay?