Apr 26, 2012


Well,my throat and tummy always growling for something new.Today,I dated Rainbow,we haven't met for a month I guess.We went to Midvalley Megamall to check out what's happening there since I haven't stepped myself in Midvalley since,T-Rex was still a baby?

Both of us need to feed in something new and fresh,not Subway,not Wendy's,not Carl's Junior,not that kind of food anymore.I came up with an idea,what about Korean food? So,I began Tweeting,asking if there's any Seoul Garden.Sadly,no.It is only available in One Utama.Then,I saw this...

I was like,why not? Here are some pictures taken.

Alaaa,buat muka comel pulak.Pang sekali,nak?

I ordered this.The name is Buldogi,damn it sounds like a bulldog! A complete set of meal,suitable for those 'pelahap' out there.

Rice in the bottom.Slices of carrots,corn pickles,kimchi,seaweed,roasted beefs on the top.Yeah,half-cooked egg yolk at the center.

The vegetables are..I don't know.It looks weird.It tastes weird as well.

Finish and happy.Feel so much Gu Jun Pyo alike! Muntahhhh....

p/s : I used to think national Korean food,Kimchi tastes like Popiah Basah,Not even close!


si gadis melayu said...

wahhh, sedap2... jeles haha

Camy Alya said...

kena try ni :)

ikan said...

Fresh follower. 501st follower. For mr, im into korean foods. Tasteless. masakan Melayu lagi ok. But then, kalau nak setakat nak cuba tukar selera tuh no hal. hehe

Kehoe Cheong said...

Si Gadis Melayu.Yeah,not bad.Must try!

Camy Alya.Eh,mesti mesti..

ikan.What's up Ikan! What a weird name anyway hahaha.First of all,thank you for following my blog,really appreciate it dude! Korean food is still something unusual to me,well the taste is a bit confusing.I wonder if that Kimchi well served hot or cold? Lastly,yeahh,masakan Melayu for the win!