Apr 24, 2012


Dealing physically with people who hate you can be so useless.It's like,whether you good or bad,there must be certain people who hate you.When they hate,they just hate.Absolutely with no reason,sometimes.

I am a 20 years old guy now.To be honest,I think I have no problem dealing with the people I hate.I only love the people who love me and I only hate people who hate me.Easy,right? When people hate you,the best way is don't ever give a fuck towards their presence in your life.Let's just pretend that they don't even existed in the first place.

I'm a butterfly and you are a maggot.I'm shining like a bright star,while you just a dead and damp asteroid.I've got NO TIME to put my knuckles inside your throat or bite your neck until it gets apart of your body.I live in my own world,I never stepped myself into yours,so don't bother mine.

People hate you because they can't be you and they can't have you.Don't hate back,it's not worth your time.Stop wasting your times with the wrong people!


Anonymous said...

They're hating because y're handsome!

Anonymous said...

You got your point there! Message received! ;)