Apr 3, 2012


Well,I've got a job as a Sales Assistant at Daiso Japan,The Mines.You know what is Daiso,aren't you? In case if you don't know,Daiso is a new-established company from Japan which sells Japanese products like everything you just name it.What's more exciting,it sells everything at RM5!

They asked me to work like 13 hours in a day,but the basic is like RM1400.
Moreover,an additional RM60 will be added if you managed to get full attendance with punctuality.I'm so not going to let it go! I will start working this upcoming Monday.Wish me the best,guys.

Hihihi,it's been a while I didn't watch any movies.The last one was John Carter.I would like to bring my girlfriend to watch The Vow today,is it okay?


Hafiza Yunus said...

waaaaah. dah ada daiso kat sini. perghh masyuk gaji tuh wehh masyukkk!! 13 hours pulak tuh. perghhh

Ayyman Rahim said...

Fu yoooo, Mines dekat rumah aku ah. Tak tau pulak Daiso ada kat situ :0

Kehoe Cheong said...

Hafiza Yunus. Eh kau buat apa sekarang? Jom la kerja sekali,memang nak pakai staff rasanya

Ayyman Rahim. Hahaha,dah ada dekat Mines,dekat ground floor sebelah Toy City..Baru je buka

Hafiza Yunus said...

aku ngah kejeee le nieee. Lagi pun kalau boleh nak lima jam jeeee. Haha. Tehn gua takde trans bro. So tak dpt le. Ngee. Ade masa aku jejln kat sana sbb aku mmg gilaaa dgn kedai daiso niii. Selalu pergi daiso ioi jee