Aug 20, 2013


Woman should be treated nicely by man.I have a very high respect for woman,those period pain,blood came out from vaginas and gave birth kind of thing make me wonder like,wow you're fucking undisputed!

Look at the video below for a while.

Firstly,I have no respect for man who hit woman.Like,please motherfuck,grow some balls.Why you have to be so wack ass? Secondly,I'm against hitting woman 100% but what I want to know is what the hell are we suppose to do in a situation like that? Like if we get hit,what do we do? Run?

I admit,I never hit woman in my life before.Ohhh,fighting with my sisters are normal when I was a little,but to hit a women at this age,with strength,force,knuckles and legs? Never was and never will be for me.But if any girl,it can be boys or girls actually,came to my face,repeatedly hitting me,with no reason,what should I do?

But girls,please please please don't even dare to invite boys fighting you.Like,what do you expect? No matter how weak he seemed,boys are always physically stronger than girls.One punch straight to your face will make your nose bleed and broke.Why hurt him with your hands? Remember,words are mightier than swords.

I'm talking this for your own safety and security.If you think you're strong enough to whoop a boy's ass,please think again.Because if you want to fight like a man,you'll be treated like a man.Don't get me wrong jerks and bitches,I ain't promoting violence here.I'm just stating my point.My point is don't dish what you can't take and I don't care who you are,if you're lying your hands on me,THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!