May 31, 2010

Nerds?Bleachers?Why don't you mirror yourself first!

You guys know what a friend of mine said to me last night?

"Kau buat apa lepak dengan dorang tu.Boring.Budak nerd kot.Asyik cerita pasal belajar je.Sumpah takde life......"

Ehh babi,suka hati aku lah.

I love to befriend with them.In fact,I never consider them as nerds and bleachers like several of my friends did.We went to McDonalds everyday at 1am,then we started to talk about
  1. Malaysian's main back-to-back issues.
  2. Previous Malaysian Prime ministers.
  3. Corruption by the goverment.
  4. Barisan Nasional against PAS,PKR and DAP.
  5. Limitation of job oppurtunities in Malaysia.
  6. Scandal between Najib and Altantuyaa.
  7. Who's gay?Anwar or Saiful?
  8. Racism among Malaysians.
  9. Similarities between Bangi,Shah Alam and Putrajaya.
  10. Why Ipoh and Georgetown such a cool places.
  11. Listing ugly names of several places in Malaysia.
  12. Local universities like UiTM,UIA,UM and UPM.
  13. Which one is harder between Law and TESL.
  14. Some of our friends who further studies oversea.
  15. Conflict in Bangkok.
  16. Japanese lifestyle.
  17. K-pop.
  18. Girls Generation vs Wonder Girls.
  19. A very bad bad bad Jewish.
  20. How Israel conquered 70% of world economy.
  21. Hamas vs Fatah.
  22. Why Israel hate Hezbollah.
  23. How can Bahrain,Dubai and Qatar become a rich countries.
  24. World's population.
  25. World Trade Center.Is it really terrorist's fault?
  26. If China attacked Taiwan.
  27. Who's stronger?Russia or Germany.
  28. Seoul vs Pyongyang.
  29. Why Japan attacked Pearl Harbour.
  30. Why Hitler was an Anti-Semitisme.
  31. Veto-powered country.
  32. Retirement of a football player.
  33. Malaysia in a bottom ranking of FIFA.
  34. What happened Malaysia?Where's Thomas Cup?
  35. Which country is going to win ths year World Cup.
  36. Maria Sharapova screams like a dog.
I like it.I should thanked them because they open up my mind every single time I met them.I don't give a damn if people say we are wasting time sitting there doing nothing instead of talking.Who cares? Better we should be happy.So shut the fuck up.

Perhaps they were actually more easygoing and outrageous compared to a bunch of guys who think they were so cool.I know a lot of them,acted like can't live without drugs,alcohol,woman,branded stuffs and no car but so proud just because already own a driving license.Then,they even dare to judge and critisize others easily? Why don't you put a fucking mirror in front of your fucking face,aren't you so cool?

Grow up kid,no one is going to look at you seriously.You're a bimbo,the guy-versioned one.

May 25, 2010

You can call me a loser,but you can't deny my taste.

She is Sooyoung.She's the most beautiful member of SNSD.