Aug 23, 2010

The bigger you are,the tougher your life is going to be,agree?

Life does treat me well lately.I don't know why,but I think I'm doing pretty good here.One and a half month to go and after that I'm done for this semester.

When I was in school,I always heard people said that university life is more relaxing compared to school life.Motherfuck,they were all wrong! I shouldn't believe that! Now,I already experienced all the things that university students love to complain about.

First,I have so many quizes and tests await for me.Besides,I have several assignments needed to be done as soon as possible.I have to go to Malacca again for information agencies research and go to KL for company analysis assignment.Not only that,I also have a lot of classes cancellation that needed to be replace before September.

I also have found my assignment partners,you can see them on a picture above.They maybe look like a bunch of nuts but they can perform so much better than girls.I dislike when I have to work with girls,they love to make something that durated just two minutes last long for two hours!

Well,I'm not nagging about all the things.I just want to share a piece of my recent life.

Do you know the famous blogger,Hanis Zalikha who people love to talk about? I saw her! I saw her!

Aug 22, 2010

I'm the only guy who saw you without make up and I didn't scream!

I saw a lot of lovebirds here,holding hands to wherever they go and smiling like there's no tomorrow.Eventhough they can make me feel sick and nauseous sometimes,I'm quite happy for them.

Back to the day before,I found it is nearly impossible for me to attract the girl of the dream.It's not that I'm not ready to give a commitment,it's just I haven't found right girl yet.

They say,I'm a little bit fussy when it comes to this.Why not? What's wrong with that? Love comes naturally,so why must I force myself to love someone who I don't? Just like you,I'm also working my ass of to build my own teenage dream.

p/s : I accidently watched Jerseylicious last Saturday and I found all of the girls on the series were insanely ugly and stupid!

Aug 15, 2010

In memory of the late Dimas.

I still can't accept the fact that you have died.Now,you're gone and only two left.If you want to know,your sister, Jenny and your besfriend,Tommy were so sad.They should,because you're the electric that lights up the dark room.

You will be missed.We will never forget your stupid behavior that never failed to make us laugh.I want to meet you again soon.I say this because I know we will meet each other again,someday.

I swear to God,I never love animals as much as I love you guys.Farewell my friend!

Aug 7, 2010

I believe Chuck Bass is a non-exists character!

I always think that I was born to be an observer.Yes,the observer of human stupidity! It's annoying when you have to live with a bunch of jerks who really can't accept differences and variations.

Friend : Kau balik ke minggu ni?

Me : Balik!

Friend : Kau ni pelik.Dua minggu sekali mesti balik.Cuba tengok aku,dah sebulan lebih aku tak balik!

Excuse me,what world do you live in? We ain't in Germany,we're just in Johor,the southern state of Malaysia.Listen,if you're not going back,it's up to you.I need to free my mind from an idiot who overwhelming my daily life and the only solution is - going back home!

You should try it,it is a good therapy! Oopps,I'm sorry,maybe your life is not as happier as mine,right? In other word,it spells insanely pathetic.Please,you don't have to be like him,like Chuck Bass!

Acting like you're so freaking cool but actually you're not.Whether I'm going back home or not,I'm pretty sure that it has nothing to do with you.Enough said,it's a weird situation since were are not related to each other completely,okay I understand if you considering me as your friend but please mind your own business because your presence and stupid fuck questions and statements are really annoying.

The bottomline is I'm not sent to this world to please you.