Aug 22, 2010

I'm the only guy who saw you without make up and I didn't scream!

I saw a lot of lovebirds here,holding hands to wherever they go and smiling like there's no tomorrow.Eventhough they can make me feel sick and nauseous sometimes,I'm quite happy for them.

Back to the day before,I found it is nearly impossible for me to attract the girl of the dream.It's not that I'm not ready to give a commitment,it's just I haven't found right girl yet.

They say,I'm a little bit fussy when it comes to this.Why not? What's wrong with that? Love comes naturally,so why must I force myself to love someone who I don't? Just like you,I'm also working my ass of to build my own teenage dream.

p/s : I accidently watched Jerseylicious last Saturday and I found all of the girls on the series were insanely ugly and stupid!


Anonymous said...

dont have to force yourself.
u r in the right way of findin the girl =)

Nej Jalidar said...

Hahaha, Jerseylicious? You're not the only one.

The worst part is their stupidity and the hair came in at a close second place I think. LOL

Muhammad Khalis said...

They were so lame and old-styled.I have never been to Jersey before but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of girl who a billion times better looking than those spoiled sluts.

ivy ong said...

maybe take a long time! maybe we can't find it!
But they will always some one waiting for you and maybe you never realize it!

Muhammad Khalis said...

Ivy,you always know what to say.i feel like I'm going to hug you! Hahahahaha!!