Dec 30, 2009

Hello twenty-ten!

Tomorrow,I will open up new chapter of my life.

While I'm on MySpace,some people asked me,how's your new year celebration?.Well,it's just another year,there's no need to be over excited about it.

Yes,it is another year,but seriously I'm not completely ready to set on my mind to a new year kind of thing.I just want to say that 2009 has been a great year for me.It is the only reason I'm still in love with 2009!Those past times and old days in this whole year seems to be unforgettable.

Human of The Year.
The award goes to Khairun Niesa bt. Anuar for making this year f***ing spectacular!

2009 : Eventhough I know that we will never see each other again and you will never showed up after this,I will never forgetting you.Thanks!

HEY IT IS 2010!

I am 18.Well,maybe not officially eighteen but it doesn't matter at all.I hope this year going to end up soon just like my past years like 08 and 09,which I thought most awesome years.But,I know,everything is going to be a little bit different starting this momment.

Of course it is.Several differences could change my entire social life.Firstly,I'm not going to school anymore.Secondly,I'm working like a machine right now.

I realize a lot of new friends come,while old friends seems to be forgotten.Don't blame me,bacause I think that's nature and I can't do nothing to against it.

Dec 29, 2009

Just like an acne,it's so hard to destroy it.

I am a human.I can't escaped myself from complaining on,a lot of things and acts which I considered as tiring and annoying.Therefore,I don't give a damn if you think I'm nagging up too much about my job.

Please witness a video below.I have to handle those crap,every single hours in my whole day working! Besides,every 30 minutes,there will be small kids crying because get beaten by the Form 1 youngsters.

I remember an incident,where two boys,I think they were Form 2 students,bullying a small kid,I think about 5 years old.They were punching,slapping and stomping the small kid's head.Yes,in front of my fucking eyes.They treat the kid like their servant,like a dog.

I want to help but I think it will be useless.Those bastrads fighting to dead tonight,but they will become friends on the next day.Tomorrow they will kick each other again.I'm serious!ALL of them! That's why I said before,'This ain't Earth!'

It was kind of 'tradition' I guess.

p/s : I have A LOT of stupid video just like on the above one.

Dec 25, 2009

The main reason of why I'm blogging is because

I don't think my blog contains any illegal aspects of sex and violation.I shout out what's on my mind.Just like you.As I mention on my About Me,do not take my word seriously,it may lead to epilepsy.I think that was so true.

I do not have any specific target if I drops my f-words.If you might found my blog a little bit abusive and offensive,I am sorry.

But what I wrote here,it ends here.

The main reason of why I'm blogging is because I WANTED TO!

Dec 24, 2009

She's dead?Who is she?


Yesterday,I just knew that Brittany Murphy was found dead.I heard she had apparently collapsed in a bathroom.Yes,I watched Just Married two times this year,so I know who she is.

Wow,I just can't believe it.Please,it's not about her death.I don't give a damn that much.It's about how nice and loving some people can be.It's like sudden acts.As you might know,it's not a complimentary.

Take this note - You're only know her name was Brittany Murphy when she was found dead! Now,you're already like,'Ohh,I miss Brittany,why she had to die!'?

Just like Michael Jackson,they shitted all over him when he's alive but acted like his biggest fan when he's dead.

Dec 21, 2009

I need Baywatch girls!

I realized a lot of things went wrong lately.I can't believe I say this,but please somebody who really can swim,help me! Because I'm drowning!

I'm getting tired of predictable and stereotypical momments that I have went through each days.I really miss my old days.I thought life after school would be spectacular.But,I was clearly mistaken.It was so ironic twist of fate.

I just can't smile like I used to.

Therefore,I decided to get my previous life back! Which is I labelled as unpredictable and adventureous!One more thing,I'm totally desperate to get out of here.It was so overwhelmed by...I can't say this.

Whatever it will be,I will take it as a punishment.I'm an evil,so I deserves it.

Dec 20, 2009

I love my job?Exactly!

I need a new job.It's not that I'm not appreciate what's He gave me but I just want my life back!Yes,I am totally lifeless right now.

Everyday,I'm just sitting there doing nothing.Moreover,Internet doesn't function well lately which caused me unable to online.Apparently,I'm alone like a dog.Seeing those kids(I don't know but a word 'kid' would be suitable to describe them) fighting every minutes,just make me feel sick and strange like....

....where am I?This ain't Earth,this is Jupiter!See,there's an alien!

I'm playing Dota for about 8 hours a day.I think I'm going to play it again tomorrow.

I'm not complaining but I hope it's just a typical beginning part of my job.Someday,maybe I will get used to it.I'm trying to love what I'm doing.This is my decision before.Serves me right!

p/s : I'm working at a cyber cafe recently,my new nickname is Abang CC!

Dec 19, 2009

I miss you guys so much!

Where have you been?Are you making a new album?Last album was on 2004,which was nearly six years ago,but I will keep waiting.I will always be a fan of you,The Calling!

Dec 13, 2009

I'll working this Thursday

I just got a job.Not so excited about it.Maybe bacause of certain unexpected cases,that were extremely made me pissed off.I have no answer at all .I'm getting so angry recently.

I'm easily mad for something really stupid.I have an emotional breakdown I guess.Don't call me psycho!I do realize that I resist out my temptation in a wrong way.It's kind of torturing me inside.That's hurt the most.

I'm sick of wearing a mask.I hope someone would grab it off from my fucking face!

Niesa's beloved granny just passed away.I hope she's doing fine :(

Dec 11, 2009

Chuck Taylor for sale!

I'm not build up a blogshop actually.But I have two pairs of Converse shoes.Do you want it?No doubt about it,of course it is 100% original!

Free original box and plastic bag

Size 7
Box included

Please drop your comments if you're interested.Harga boleh runding.

Dec 9, 2009

Who doesn't play it before?

I have discovered something about myself .I'm turning 18 soon,what?18?It was like yesterday I playing this game.

What game?

POKEMON! I miss my past time so bad lately.Pokemon and also Digimon,I miss all that.

Bestest vocalists on earth

I didn't learn vocal.I sounds like a machine when I sang in a karaoke box.

But doesn't mean I can't sing,I can't be a good listener of music.Do you think Paula Abdul's sounds so great?

Well,here's some of my short list of bestest vocalists on earth.If you're not satisfied,you can make your own list as well.

Brandon Flowers(The Killers)
Nobody could beat him.His voice kind of tranquilizing.

Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects)
I love most of his live performances.It's so passionate.

Brendon Urie(Panic!At the Disco)
He's fucking awesome.I've listen to New Perspective about 40 million times.

William Beckett(The Academy Is)
I'm not a huge fan of him,but he sounds great.

Hayley Williams(Paramore)
I love her since Riot area.But I hate Decode.

Pixie Lott
She's amazing.She's on her own class.Have you heard Cry Me Out?
Miley is nothing compared to her.

Dec 3, 2009

Goodbye,seems to be the saddest phrase


This Monday,will be the last day I wearing my school uniform.

I was waiting for this momment before,it is the momment I officially walk out from school.

But I do not know it is fucking hard.I just don't get it.I don't know why.Do you feel exactly what I feel?It was like,so weird after this,I mean,no more school?It would be boring!Oh my God,wake up dork,I better get used to it.

Thank you classmates,you guys rock my world,eventhough I didn't went to Rock The World event before.I would definately will miss you guys like a hell after this.I know we will hardly see each other again.No more laughing our ass off for sure.

'I'm No Longer A School Student' day will appear soon.Well,I'm not so excited about it.Of course I'm a little bit sad,thinking of what I've been through since I was in Form 1 until the end of me there.

Thank you for the past time.I will not forget about you guys.Take care.Bye.

Dec 1, 2009

Sorry if you think I'm a little bit snob.

Who cares,huh?

I used to be so cold when you first met me because I'm not interested being too friendly with a stranger.Yes,I do proud of my unrecognizable name.I hate meeting new friends lately.It's just the way it is.

If you are not satisfied with me after I wrote this crap,please get off from my fucking face!