Dec 29, 2009

Just like an acne,it's so hard to destroy it.

I am a human.I can't escaped myself from complaining on,a lot of things and acts which I considered as tiring and annoying.Therefore,I don't give a damn if you think I'm nagging up too much about my job.

Please witness a video below.I have to handle those crap,every single hours in my whole day working! Besides,every 30 minutes,there will be small kids crying because get beaten by the Form 1 youngsters.

I remember an incident,where two boys,I think they were Form 2 students,bullying a small kid,I think about 5 years old.They were punching,slapping and stomping the small kid's head.Yes,in front of my fucking eyes.They treat the kid like their servant,like a dog.

I want to help but I think it will be useless.Those bastrads fighting to dead tonight,but they will become friends on the next day.Tomorrow they will kick each other again.I'm serious!ALL of them! That's why I said before,'This ain't Earth!'

It was kind of 'tradition' I guess.

p/s : I have A LOT of stupid video just like on the above one.


Nej Jalidar said...

What the fishhh?!! That is so sick man. I feel like kicking their a*s.

GOBLIN said...

Yeah,me too.
Kadabg2,sampai berdarah2 hidung budak2 kecik,dorang buat...

Imn said...

WTH . You should do something .
Not just let them be . Hello ,
Kalau nak gaduh find someone their own size .