Dec 3, 2009

Goodbye,seems to be the saddest phrase


This Monday,will be the last day I wearing my school uniform.

I was waiting for this momment before,it is the momment I officially walk out from school.

But I do not know it is fucking hard.I just don't get it.I don't know why.Do you feel exactly what I feel?It was like,so weird after this,I mean,no more school?It would be boring!Oh my God,wake up dork,I better get used to it.

Thank you classmates,you guys rock my world,eventhough I didn't went to Rock The World event before.I would definately will miss you guys like a hell after this.I know we will hardly see each other again.No more laughing our ass off for sure.

'I'm No Longer A School Student' day will appear soon.Well,I'm not so excited about it.Of course I'm a little bit sad,thinking of what I've been through since I was in Form 1 until the end of me there.

Thank you for the past time.I will not forget about you guys.Take care.Bye.

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KEY 505 said...

greetings :)

interesting blog u have here as well :D

anyway, spm right? all de beste :)

keep rocking, writing :)