Dec 9, 2009

Bestest vocalists on earth

I didn't learn vocal.I sounds like a machine when I sang in a karaoke box.

But doesn't mean I can't sing,I can't be a good listener of music.Do you think Paula Abdul's sounds so great?

Well,here's some of my short list of bestest vocalists on earth.If you're not satisfied,you can make your own list as well.

Brandon Flowers(The Killers)
Nobody could beat him.His voice kind of tranquilizing.

Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects)
I love most of his live performances.It's so passionate.

Brendon Urie(Panic!At the Disco)
He's fucking awesome.I've listen to New Perspective about 40 million times.

William Beckett(The Academy Is)
I'm not a huge fan of him,but he sounds great.

Hayley Williams(Paramore)
I love her since Riot area.But I hate Decode.

Pixie Lott
She's amazing.She's on her own class.Have you heard Cry Me Out?
Miley is nothing compared to her.


puthree said...

i lovee hayley mannn,but i agree dat dcode is not dat good,dey put d darkside of twilight puihhh

AdamPAPPAP said...

William Becket is quite good I think...they put a really a good show in their country...but their music didn't really reach our country...I love The Academy Is

SHAA said...


mya said...

pixie lott; adore her soo soo mushh!

Alee said...

Hayley and Tyson is the best. But everybody has their own opinion kan :)

Diloz said...

1.Lacey Mosley
2.Daniel Johns
3.Ville Valo
4.Matthew Bellamy

\ňądish\ said...

brandon boyd of incubus pun alrite =)