Dec 21, 2009

I need Baywatch girls!

I realized a lot of things went wrong lately.I can't believe I say this,but please somebody who really can swim,help me! Because I'm drowning!

I'm getting tired of predictable and stereotypical momments that I have went through each days.I really miss my old days.I thought life after school would be spectacular.But,I was clearly mistaken.It was so ironic twist of fate.

I just can't smile like I used to.

Therefore,I decided to get my previous life back! Which is I labelled as unpredictable and adventureous!One more thing,I'm totally desperate to get out of here.It was so overwhelmed by...I can't say this.

Whatever it will be,I will take it as a punishment.I'm an evil,so I deserves it.


lady puthree said...

yess im comin hha

Imn said...

I can swim well :D haha

GOBLIN said...

It's all about metaphor baby...

sweet strawberry said...

helo tengs view my blog :))
i dh jdikkkkkk folower u dh :)