Dec 20, 2009

I love my job?Exactly!

I need a new job.It's not that I'm not appreciate what's He gave me but I just want my life back!Yes,I am totally lifeless right now.

Everyday,I'm just sitting there doing nothing.Moreover,Internet doesn't function well lately which caused me unable to online.Apparently,I'm alone like a dog.Seeing those kids(I don't know but a word 'kid' would be suitable to describe them) fighting every minutes,just make me feel sick and strange like....

....where am I?This ain't Earth,this is Jupiter!See,there's an alien!

I'm playing Dota for about 8 hours a day.I think I'm going to play it again tomorrow.

I'm not complaining but I hope it's just a typical beginning part of my job.Someday,maybe I will get used to it.I'm trying to love what I'm doing.This is my decision before.Serves me right!

p/s : I'm working at a cyber cafe recently,my new nickname is Abang CC!


Imn said...

Abang CC , cuba lah cari tempat yang , boleh usha awek hot ka .
Ada kedai makan dok sedap sedap ka .
Tempat yang orang boleh nak cari goblin normal ka .

HEHEHE :) Selamat Bertugas .

GOBLIN said...

I'm working on it,

Bulan 1 ni,I pindah la kot!

Imn said...

Pindah manaa wehh ?

GOBLIN said...

Fast food restaurant I guess...