Dec 13, 2009

I'll working this Thursday

I just got a job.Not so excited about it.Maybe bacause of certain unexpected cases,that were extremely made me pissed off.I have no answer at all .I'm getting so angry recently.

I'm easily mad for something really stupid.I have an emotional breakdown I guess.Don't call me psycho!I do realize that I resist out my temptation in a wrong way.It's kind of torturing me inside.That's hurt the most.

I'm sick of wearing a mask.I hope someone would grab it off from my fucking face!

Niesa's beloved granny just passed away.I hope she's doing fine :(


mya said...

i felt sooryy for youu;(
sabr oke!

Muhammad Khalis said...

Thanks mya...

Imn said...

Everything should be okay ,
You're just going through a phase

GOBLIN said...

What phase?hormonal adrenalin metabolism phase?