Dec 30, 2009

Hello twenty-ten!

Tomorrow,I will open up new chapter of my life.

While I'm on MySpace,some people asked me,how's your new year celebration?.Well,it's just another year,there's no need to be over excited about it.

Yes,it is another year,but seriously I'm not completely ready to set on my mind to a new year kind of thing.I just want to say that 2009 has been a great year for me.It is the only reason I'm still in love with 2009!Those past times and old days in this whole year seems to be unforgettable.

Human of The Year.
The award goes to Khairun Niesa bt. Anuar for making this year f***ing spectacular!

2009 : Eventhough I know that we will never see each other again and you will never showed up after this,I will never forgetting you.Thanks!

HEY IT IS 2010!

I am 18.Well,maybe not officially eighteen but it doesn't matter at all.I hope this year going to end up soon just like my past years like 08 and 09,which I thought most awesome years.But,I know,everything is going to be a little bit different starting this momment.

Of course it is.Several differences could change my entire social life.Firstly,I'm not going to school anymore.Secondly,I'm working like a machine right now.

I realize a lot of new friends come,while old friends seems to be forgotten.Don't blame me,bacause I think that's nature and I can't do nothing to against it.