Apr 26, 2010

Eeewww,I hate smokers!

I'm not stupid.I know smoking is dangerous.In fact,I did some research about cigarrates when I had my oral test last year.It contains nearly 4000 carcinogenic chemicals,tobacco tar and carbon monoxide which is harmful to one's health.Besides,smoking also can cause lung cancer,bronchitis and premature birth,it may lead to death!

Seriously I'm getting annoyed by those people who voice out a bold line above.I was like,what the hell is your problem,fucker? It's nothing to do with you obviously.Why don't you just mind your own business and go get life!

In your eyes,smoking is a sign of being bad and rebel.It is nasty,right? It spells weak.That's the word.You think I'm weak because I'm unable to confront my hypertension and it only resistable when I'm smoke.Is that why you hate me? Okay,I get it.

Stress? Tension? Do you think that's because I inhale those toxic gases? Believe me,I'm not a type of guy who is willing to be caught dead with the most lame and stupid excuses.I have my own reason why I selected ciggarates one of my bestfriend.What do you know about me? I'm a bad guy,right?

So,tell me about yourself!

Are you a good person?

Just because you're not smoking,doesn't mean it can make you go up straight to heaven.Therefore,please do RESPECT others and don't be a JUDGEMENTAL.Think outside the box and don't be a STEREOTYPICAL,open up your mind you idiot! That's depends on one's social lifestyle,just leave them alone.Everyone has their own dirty little secret,why you can't just cooperate with that?

Don't tell me your little secret is the DIRTIEST among the all?

Apr 22, 2010

I'm sooo into it,I can't resist it.Ah! Ah!

Acts are less important compared to symbolism.

I just love Chinese movies.Yes,this is my new hobby,watching Chinese movie's DVD back to back from midnight until my mom wake up and,

"Khalis,kenapa kau tak tidur lagi? Aku pecahkan tv tu kang!"

I can't help myself because I love to live this way.Didn't sleep at all during the night,but sleep like a living corpse in a day.I'm used to it and my mom dislike it,a lot! Don't blame me,blame on the movies for being so additive.

I am a guy who easily amazed by something that pictured perfection.When it comes to Chinese movies,especially the story about ancient Chinese that usually still ruled by dynasty,it's all about perfection! Everything is simply perfect,the plot,acts,moves and I've got to tell you that the fight scenes never make me down,Besides,it's also have mindblowing sets and costumes!

Did you ever watched these movies? House of Flying Daggers? Hero? The Banquet? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Curse of The Golden Flower? I watched them more than 10 times!!

Special thanks to Zhang Zi Yi,Jet Li,Chow Yun Fatt,Gong Li,Jackie Chan,Bruce Lee and Alexander Fu Sheng for the drugs!

Now,I just fall in love with Chinese martial art movies,the 70s or 80s one! I better search for it elsewhere as soon as possible!

Apr 19, 2010

I knew it,in your mind I'm just a sidekick!

Sidekick.A sidekick is a close companion who is generally regarded as subordinate to the one he accompanies.In short,I'm just an addition character to most people I knew and I never be a hero.How pathetic was that?

Please stop complaining about your life.I know it sucks,but who doesn't?

Yes,I am a loser.I'm the one who keep losing nearly all of my matches.Sometimes I do feel like I'm going to win but there's always an ironic twist of fate at the end.There's always something missing out on,or going wrong in everything.Apparently,nobody's want to make friends with me,nobody's find me attractive and nobody's lends me a hand when I fall,they didn't even realized I'm there.

That's a daily story of a HERO.Well,I maybe have nothing,no life,no friends,no money,no car,no girlfriend and no lucky charm but wasn't that sounds great? I really appreciate it,I mean my own life! Back to the main issue,I'm more to Peter Parker I guess,compared to other superheroes.You know him,didn't you?I don't know why but I can see myself in Spiderman most of the times.

Wanna hear something? I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK.All I ever wanted is get to know myself better and know what I'm capable of.It's not easy for me to find my strength.Seriously,I don't have any idea what I'm best at.

I know I'm good at something.I just haven't found it yet!

Mungkin kau belum pernah rasa,bila jalan sambil pandang ke bawah.

Apr 10, 2010

Be strong!

The things that I proud most is when I dumped you...but it turns another side when I wanted you back.

Finally,I found someone who open up my eyes and make me realize how stupid I am.Yes,all of my friends said I'm stupid.Seriously,all of them! People! Couldn't you guys getting any meaner than this? Yes,you're right.I should have listen to you from the beginning! I hate this,I mean,this is my most regretful mistake have I ever did in my entire eighteen years life!

Pray to God! He give me a way to escape myself from you.Oh,about our past time together? Only God knows how I want it to be unreal,or just my nightmare but unfortunately it is a part or my life now.It's sucks really bad I have to go through my everyday with that kind of memory.

I swear,if I could curse here with tons of fugly words,then I would.But I'm not going to do that because I believe things happened for reasons and I shouldn't blame others,it's my fate,it's written up there by Him.Furthermore,I just can't see what's the main point for me getting mad about.Therefore,I'll take it as a punishment because I'm not a good guy also though.I will learn from my terrible mistakes and I won't let it happen again after this.There's no way I'm going to experienced the exactly same consequences over and over again because to me once is more than enough,or maybe twice!

Haiyaaa...Malunya nak berhadapan dengan dunia.Malu sangat-sangat ni! Aku malas nak salahkan orang lain.Memang terbeliak mata aku yang sepet ni.Lepas satu,lagi satu datang.

Memang Dia bayar cash,kali ni betul-betul cash punya!


Aku nak berhijrah.

Apr 8, 2010

So many things happened since you're left..

How have you been? Are you doing fine there? Probably you are.The one who is not going to be fine anymore is me! I've got to tell you that life's doesn't treat me well lately.I don't know why but I never thought it could be this hard.Trust me,it's hard.

I am a grown man.It is so weird that I still need you to be by my side.Damn,we were like brothers,aren't we? The truth is,you're the only one who is actually there when I need someone! I do not have sufficient reason for not to feel lonely and empty!

Since you have been away,I really didn't enjoyed myself much.I just do my work there at Kenny's.I'm not quite sure on how long will I'm unable to get through my own life because frankly you have been a part of it! I don't know who wants to do such things with me!
  1. Lepak kedai mamak
  2. Karaoke
  3. Kongsi duit beli rokok
  4. Jogging dekat belakang hospital
  5. Lepak dekat atas Bukit Mewah
  6. Maki-maki pelacur
  7. Err..should I just list those thousand things?
Life is just like a wheel,once you're up and then you're down.Enough said,this is my meltdown momment.I believe it's just a phase that I have to go through.God knows best!

Paling lama aku tak jumpa dia masa Hari Raya 2006,masa Form 2.Itu pun 5 HARI je.Itu paling lama.