Apr 19, 2010

I knew it,in your mind I'm just a sidekick!

Sidekick.A sidekick is a close companion who is generally regarded as subordinate to the one he accompanies.In short,I'm just an addition character to most people I knew and I never be a hero.How pathetic was that?

Please stop complaining about your life.I know it sucks,but who doesn't?

Yes,I am a loser.I'm the one who keep losing nearly all of my matches.Sometimes I do feel like I'm going to win but there's always an ironic twist of fate at the end.There's always something missing out on,or going wrong in everything.Apparently,nobody's want to make friends with me,nobody's find me attractive and nobody's lends me a hand when I fall,they didn't even realized I'm there.

That's a daily story of a HERO.Well,I maybe have nothing,no life,no friends,no money,no car,no girlfriend and no lucky charm but wasn't that sounds great? I really appreciate it,I mean my own life! Back to the main issue,I'm more to Peter Parker I guess,compared to other superheroes.You know him,didn't you?I don't know why but I can see myself in Spiderman most of the times.

Wanna hear something? I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK.All I ever wanted is get to know myself better and know what I'm capable of.It's not easy for me to find my strength.Seriously,I don't have any idea what I'm best at.

I know I'm good at something.I just haven't found it yet!

Mungkin kau belum pernah rasa,bila jalan sambil pandang ke bawah.


Anonymous said...

may the blessing be with you.........................................

superduperhairi ;) said...

You know,actually Idk if this is proper thing to say,scared if I did not get what you mean and might offended you but as a sidekick of your story,

Are you thinking too much again,Khalis? >.<
Dude,you need to stop calling yourself a loser lah.Everyone born to be a winner allrite? :)

Goddamnit,give Khalis superpower already haha.

Muhammad Khalis said...

Khairi,you're always know what to say!

superduperhairi ;) said...

To think again,
Maybe I'm the one who should be calling myself a loser.

Muhammad Khalis said...

The truth is,whenever I proclaims myself as a loser,it's not I give up on life.It's make me feel even stronger and determinate.I never consider loser as a bad word.