Apr 8, 2010

So many things happened since you're left..

How have you been? Are you doing fine there? Probably you are.The one who is not going to be fine anymore is me! I've got to tell you that life's doesn't treat me well lately.I don't know why but I never thought it could be this hard.Trust me,it's hard.

I am a grown man.It is so weird that I still need you to be by my side.Damn,we were like brothers,aren't we? The truth is,you're the only one who is actually there when I need someone! I do not have sufficient reason for not to feel lonely and empty!

Since you have been away,I really didn't enjoyed myself much.I just do my work there at Kenny's.I'm not quite sure on how long will I'm unable to get through my own life because frankly you have been a part of it! I don't know who wants to do such things with me!
  1. Lepak kedai mamak
  2. Karaoke
  3. Kongsi duit beli rokok
  4. Jogging dekat belakang hospital
  5. Lepak dekat atas Bukit Mewah
  6. Maki-maki pelacur
  7. Err..should I just list those thousand things?
Life is just like a wheel,once you're up and then you're down.Enough said,this is my meltdown momment.I believe it's just a phase that I have to go through.God knows best!

Paling lama aku tak jumpa dia masa Hari Raya 2006,masa Form 2.Itu pun 5 HARI je.Itu paling lama.


PorcelainRed said...

be strong

ivy ong said...

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