Apr 22, 2010

I'm sooo into it,I can't resist it.Ah! Ah!

Acts are less important compared to symbolism.

I just love Chinese movies.Yes,this is my new hobby,watching Chinese movie's DVD back to back from midnight until my mom wake up and,

"Khalis,kenapa kau tak tidur lagi? Aku pecahkan tv tu kang!"

I can't help myself because I love to live this way.Didn't sleep at all during the night,but sleep like a living corpse in a day.I'm used to it and my mom dislike it,a lot! Don't blame me,blame on the movies for being so additive.

I am a guy who easily amazed by something that pictured perfection.When it comes to Chinese movies,especially the story about ancient Chinese that usually still ruled by dynasty,it's all about perfection! Everything is simply perfect,the plot,acts,moves and I've got to tell you that the fight scenes never make me down,Besides,it's also have mindblowing sets and costumes!

Did you ever watched these movies? House of Flying Daggers? Hero? The Banquet? Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Curse of The Golden Flower? I watched them more than 10 times!!

Special thanks to Zhang Zi Yi,Jet Li,Chow Yun Fatt,Gong Li,Jackie Chan,Bruce Lee and Alexander Fu Sheng for the drugs!

Now,I just fall in love with Chinese martial art movies,the 70s or 80s one! I better search for it elsewhere as soon as possible!


Kartika Azmi said...

i figured out why u are so into chinese movies after i saw the last photo.


FS said...

agree with Kartika , haha
korean and japanese movies can be accepted , not Chinese :DD