Apr 10, 2010

Be strong!

The things that I proud most is when I dumped you...but it turns another side when I wanted you back.

Finally,I found someone who open up my eyes and make me realize how stupid I am.Yes,all of my friends said I'm stupid.Seriously,all of them! People! Couldn't you guys getting any meaner than this? Yes,you're right.I should have listen to you from the beginning! I hate this,I mean,this is my most regretful mistake have I ever did in my entire eighteen years life!

Pray to God! He give me a way to escape myself from you.Oh,about our past time together? Only God knows how I want it to be unreal,or just my nightmare but unfortunately it is a part or my life now.It's sucks really bad I have to go through my everyday with that kind of memory.

I swear,if I could curse here with tons of fugly words,then I would.But I'm not going to do that because I believe things happened for reasons and I shouldn't blame others,it's my fate,it's written up there by Him.Furthermore,I just can't see what's the main point for me getting mad about.Therefore,I'll take it as a punishment because I'm not a good guy also though.I will learn from my terrible mistakes and I won't let it happen again after this.There's no way I'm going to experienced the exactly same consequences over and over again because to me once is more than enough,or maybe twice!

Haiyaaa...Malunya nak berhadapan dengan dunia.Malu sangat-sangat ni! Aku malas nak salahkan orang lain.Memang terbeliak mata aku yang sepet ni.Lepas satu,lagi satu datang.

Memang Dia bayar cash,kali ni betul-betul cash punya!


Aku nak berhijrah.


superduperhairi ;) said...

Berhijrah sini la >:D

superduperhairi ;) said...

Berjirah sambil berdakwah best juga doh,Ustat Khalis ;D

Anonymous said...

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