Apr 9, 2017


I have always wanted to go to Jogjakarta, a classic city situated in the island of Java, Indonesia. Unfortunately, everything is just about me and my excitement. None of my friends were that interested to begin with. It's just really hard to find a friend (and time) to travel these days, especially at this age where everyone is getting really busy with everything. 

But then, a friend of mine Shiukuri had a plan to go to Jogjakarta as well. He wanted to meet his friends there and I was like "Can I come along?" So, we bought the tickets and planned the itinerary exactly a month before the departure date. Be prepared because I crammed my five days everything inside this post! 

Day 1

The flight ticket costed about RM300 return, some said it should be cheaper but since I bought it only one month earlier (not six months!), I believe it was reasonable. It took about 2 hours ++ flying from Kuala Lumpur to Jogjakarta. 

Finally, we arrived at the Adisutjipto International Airport. First thing first, we searched for the local telco because Internet is damn important since we have to contact our Airbnb host here via Whatsapp. 

My accomodation in Jogjakarta was a bless. Who would have thought a house that seemed so humble from the outside could offer you these...

It is situated in Maguwohorjo, a place situated about 15 minutes from the town. 

Our first destination, Candi Prambanan! As a huge fan of ancient ruins, I couldn't get any more excited when I saw this historical building.

We went straight to the famous Malioboro town to meet Shiukuri's friend, a local guy named Tommy. Since we were starving and we were craving for the local cuisine, Tommy took us to a restaurant that sells Gudeg, a traditional Jogjakarta food.

Gudeg is really a hit there. Basically, it is rice with chicken, duck egg, cow's skin, tempe and sambal. 

Day 2

We went straight to the well-known Candi Borobudur. I just love the view from my window, from a busy city to the calm countryside in just 15 minutes drive. 

It's afternoon and we were done with exploring the temple already. We took a local mini bus, an old-fashioned bus to go back to the town to meet our local friend, Tommy there.

Tommy and his friend, Okka fetched us up in a bus station and took us to eat Soto. 

Just like Gudeg, Soto is like Elvis here. We have a boat noodle-style soto in a stall just nearby the paddy field. It was raining heavily, I ate the hot soto facing up to the green scenery of paddy field. I seriously couldn't ask for more! 

Next, they took us to the famous House of Raminten. I have never heard of it but seriously you have to sit your ass in the waiting area before you got served. Actually, the House of Raminten is a restaurant opened up by a transgender icon of the city. You can see her face everywhere at the restaurant.

Funny thing about this restaurant is everything in the menu sounds a little bit kinky. It will make you giggling out of sudden. 

I ordered Susu Perawan Tancap, susu is milk, perawan is a virgin lady and tancap is to jab or stab. It is a fresh milk (Lord knows I hope it's not a breast milk), with ginger and cinnamon powder.

I wanted to have it because it sounds and looks funny. See, even the cup is a boob-shaped with a nipple. Kau rasa? It tasted so good I finished all. Then, they told me normally the drink is for people who want to make a good sex. I never looked at anything milk the same again after that night

Day 3.

The initial plan for this day was going for tubing in a cave called Goa Pindul and gondola riding in Pantai Timang. However, it was raining heavily and we have to postpone it. 

We were heading south for 2-3 hours (it's a very long journey) until we arrived at the Pantai GunungKidul. 

For the 1000th times I repeat, it's raining heavily there! The wave was so fierce, like a single-storey tall, the wind was blowing like a mamak hi-tech fan, the clouds were darker than my future, the alarm was triggered to force people get way from the beach. 

However, Tommy took off his shirt and ran to the water. I was like, damn this boy is a wild beast! Shiukuri and Okka followed him. I was hesitated to get into the water because I don't want to die. For 10-15 minutes, I just watched them from a mile away. Then I thought to myself, "Stop being a pussy for once, you'll never come back here". I ran to sea and took my first swim in the sea under the mad Jogja weather!

We were starving. We were heading to a restaurant, I can't remember the name, that sells 27 different types of local sambals. 

And I ordered this Nasi and fried eels. Unlike those freshwater and saltwater eels or unagi that you have always had in sushi restaurant in Malaysia, these eels were so tiny like snake babies. Dia takde potong-potong, dia goreng berekor-ekor terus. Jadi, you makan satu keluarga dia terus hahaha.

After we had dinner, we had some roasted corn and local tea at the mountain-top stall in Bukit Bintang. The view is breath-taking where you could see the entire city from.

Day 4

I've had a very good night there! We had breakfast served by the host. Since it's Monday and both Tommy and Okka were working, we took Go-Jek to get to Puncak Becici. 

It's one of the highest point of the city. For those who suffers from fear of height, I'm not recommending this to you. You climbed up the ladder to get into the top of the tree. From there, you can enjoy these views..

It's better to be careful sebab pokok tu memang tinggi kalau jatuh mesti mati. Kalau tak mati, patah kaki. Climb at your own risk because insurance is not provided.

Heading down, we stopped by at the Hutan Pokok Pinus. 

We went to the famous Malioboro to meet Tommy for the last time. He took us to experience the city's street food.

Day 5

Woke up as early as 4am. Actually it is a bit late because we were supposed to go to the famous Gunung Merapi. 

The legendary Gunung Merapi is an active volcano which is last erupted in 2006 killing a lot of civilians. 

To get there, you have to go by jeep. There is no other way other than book yourself a jeep tour. It is a bit expensive but for an experience visiting an active volcano, why not?

The road to get up there is so rocky. It's like someone is shaking your body repeatedly for 30-40 minutes. Don't take any meal before you go up or you will be ended up vomiting. 

Luckily we arrived before the sunrise!

Jul 22, 2016


have always experimenting what I can do best with a pen and a paper.

Too bad, it is seasonal-basis! I wish I could get ideas and inspiration everyday. So I could transmit what is going on in my mind to my sketchbook, just like that! *petik jari

Mar 12, 2016


Everything is so expensive these days. Everyone is going mad about this skyrocketing price of every single thing in Malaysia. I have to save lot of money and cut off my monthly budget allocation for 'makan sedap' like I used to (since I spent quite a lot on food). I'm good, like come on, what's life without some struggles here and there?

If you want to save money and still satisfy your hyena's throat and tummy with good food at the same damn time, I would like to suggest Tony Roma's. We all know that Tony Roma's is a top-rated fine dining restaurant and the minimum budget for 1 person (food+drink) is RM70 +GST. However, do you know that you can have Tony Roma's with only RM10? YES.

I can't remember what is this because I only had this twice. The portion is too big for me. It is pasta with tomato puree and cheddar cheese.

Pasta with Grilled Chicken Breast. This one is a little bit spicy.

This one is Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potato & Smoked Vegetables. Personally, this is my favourite, please go try it now it tastes really good.

If I wasn't mistaken, there are 12 types of dishes and I have tried most of them but forgot to snap pictures because of too hungry! To me, it is really cheap, like only RM10! You can have 2-3 plates at one time without feeling guilty about it, seriously. Alaa the foods outside there pun nasi + lauk + air pun RM10 what.

BUT, there is a but ok. The promotion is only available on weekdays 3pm to 6pm. It is not available during other hours, weekends or public holidays. The reason why I can go there quite frequently because I finished work at 3pm everyday, but I don't know about you.

Feb 10, 2016


never really wanted to be one of those who spent a lot for appearence. Especially skincare! Then, one day, I looked into the mirror & thought to myself


I haven't used any skincare product since the last six months. I have to admit, I have trust issues with all the skincare products in drugstores. My skin condition is not that bad, I have a little scars here and there with some acnes. But still, instead of trying new products based on people's opinion or reference, I decided to go to specialist for consultation. I promised myself that I must be working and earning every month before I settled down purchasing any skincare product. I was in a dilemma at first, should I really spend so much on it? Is it really worthit?
I feel like wasting la, then how? But then I came to think about all of my money that I have spent on toys, foods, movie tickets, ok I shouldn't berkira dengan muka sendiri. Pendek kata, memang plan nak beli yang berbaloi terus la.

started to search for the best solution for my skin problems. Planned to go for some real specialists but since I was on a very tight budget, I better calm my own tits this time. Went to The Face Shop, Etude House and Skinfood but all of them were not convincing enough.

Finally, I went to Kiehl's at Pavilion, they did some oil and acne test on my face, presented the products to use and quoted the price for all.

RM200+ for two skincare products is quite EXPENSIVE! Gulp! But since it lasts for another 6 months, I think it is quite ok.

I don't know, since I was earning, I tend to pay more attention on how I look, lately. I don't know whether it is a part of growing up or I'm just literally in a culture shock state! 

Ye la, baru dapat kerja tetap, baru dapat merasa gaji bulan bulan.. Hehehe.

Nov 20, 2015


I just finished with my degree on July 2015 but the graduation will be held on May 2016! I don't even know why it takes that long, like I really don't give a damn no more that time for graduation. It has been a month since I finished my internship and I'm still jobless now!

I have been attending a lot of interviews since past few months. Yes, the title of the post describes my feelings right now! I am mad confuse on how to start my career projection. A lot of things running on my head, like should I go for:

1. Permanent position. 
It is really hard to get an interview for a permanent position (at least for a fresh graduate like me). With the bad economy in our country, most companies cut off their budget allocation for hiring new staff. So, the competition among fresh graduates is getting higher. Consider yourself lucky if you already secured yourself with a permanent position in a company.

2. Graduate program.
This is the perfect platform for fresh graduate, in my opinion. I have been attending a lot of interviews for graduate program since past few months. Graduate program is also known as graduate trainee, management associates program, future leader program, young graduate program and many other names that sound similar. Basically, the objective of the program is to provide proper coaching and on-the-job training for the selected graduates in order to get them prepared for the specialization of particular job scope.

3. SL1M
SL1M or Skim Latihan 1 Malaysia is an initiative by the government to reduce jobless graduates and (at the same time) expose them to the real working environment. SL1M usually takes about 4 months, 8 months to 1 year depends on the companies. SL1M is highly recommended because I heard a lot of my friends straightly hired by the company after they finished SL1M.

I don't care what people say. I don't want to know either. I constantly heard "Jangan memilih kerja sangat, Kerja je apa yang ada". I have spent years and thousands for my studies and you tell me there's no option for me? It depends on individuals actually. As for me, I prefer to find something that would be an remarkable add-up to my career development because I want everything to be fast and on-the-track. I feel like time just stopped being nice to me There are many jobs out there! To find a job is easy, but to find a job that suits your interest and qualification is really hard. Of course nothing worth having comes easily but the hardships to get what you want is a journey worth taking.  
After a month of wandering around going to interviews here and there, finally on September, I got hired by a banking institution which is United Overseas Bank (UOB) under the Customer Service department. I really had fun working in UOB. I have learned a lot about banking products and services . I also gained some experience in dealing with customers, which I can say my weakness because I hate meeting people! Then after two months, I quit because I received better offer.

Now, I'm with an insurance company called American International Assurance, which is also known as AIA. The reasons why I go for AIA are:

The position offered is related to my studies. 
It is so hard to find a job that is related to my field of studies. Not to say the job is 100% what I have been studying but at least I can picture the idea of what the job is all about. I would be stupid if I decline the offer!

The location is nearer. 
It is located in Cyberjaya, which is only 20 minutes from my house. I have been commuting to KL by KTM and LRT since my internship days in PETRONAS and also UOB. Both located in Jalan Ampang and Jalan Tun Razak. I have spent a lot money (and time) on public transport.

The working hour is 5.30am to 2.30pm. 
I know right! No people! No traffic jam! I usually went to work at 5am and the highway is my motherfucking highway! No car at all!

They pay higher compared to my previous job.
I don't know about you but salary is something that I really emphasize when it comes to work. I need a job that can pay all the bills!

I have been waiting months for this opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I/m still far from success. It's just I can feel that I have found my base, solid starting point for my career development, at least. I have seen a lot of my friends who have been working now, all the best for the new life! Those who haven't found the path yet, please be patience because good things always waiting for the one who keeps waiting. 

Nov 8, 2015


I just want you to know that Mindbuggling is still alive. I will always be your Blogger Boy hihihi