May 6, 2017


just found out that I am an airline junkie. I love everything airlines, aircrafts and airports. So, I would like to channel my interest into words because I hate wasting time. Welcome to my first flight review - Bangkok Airways from Phuket to Koh Samui.

Bangkok Airways is the top-leading domestic carrier in Thailand. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about the airline and I was so excited to be on board. 
Received the boarding pass after checked in at the Phuket International Airport. 
It was a very small flight. I am not sure what it is called (obviously not a narrowbody, it's smaller) but it is the size of two express buses. I wonder why the hell the flight is so small? 
There were only eight passangers on board (hmm no wonder..). When they dimmed the light into blue, I felt like I am in a horror movie. 

This is the inflight meal. Chicken burger, vanilla muffin, two slices of fresh fruits and a plain water. To me, it's not bad. I don't expect much from a 30 minutes-journey flight. 

It was raining heavily that night. Because of the flight size is really small, I was mad worried! The wind is blowing and the lightning was striking. The five Arab guys at the back started to scream "Allahu Akbar" non-stoply! I was confused but I started to pray straight away. 

(I never prayed any harder in life.)

Then, the stewardess came out saying "Calm down calm down!" in Thai accent. I just knew that it was normal for small flight landing. Fuh..


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Nice review. Welcome to Thailand~