May 2, 2017


Here are five (5) tips worth-knowing before you take Jogjakarta.

We were using the apps Go-Jek to get from point A to point B. For your information, Go-Jek is the Indonesian version of our Uber and Grab. The only difference is Go-Jek offers you a motorcycle ride which is a lot cheaper. If you do not have your tourist guide or driver, I recommend Go-Jek to be the first app you install once you landed in Jogjakarta.

Let me remind you that it is nearly impossible for you to drive a car or ride a motorcycle here in Jogjakarta. Just like most of you, I have always prefered to have my own transport whenever I was traveling but the traffic here is just crazy. Jogjakarta is a home to 4 millions, do not expect it to be quiet or hassle-free.

Fake an accent
Here's a tip to save money. When you're about to buy the ticket or souvenir or anything, please fake an Indonesian accent. This is so important because Indonesia offers a really cheap price for its citizen. So, instead of speaking in English or "Kak, tiket dua kak!", you might go for "Mbak, tiketnya dua ya mbak.." It's not that hard unless you are really willing to pay for the foreigner price which is about 8-10 times higher than the local one.

5pm night
It gets darker by 3 hours earlier here in Jogjakarta. So don't be surprised if you see its 5pm but the outside looks like 8pm. 

Wake up early
Aside from its famous historical places and ancient ruins,  you can visit its city, cave, beach, cliff, mount, hill, waterfall and volcano. Please get up from your bed early because from satu tempat ke tempat yang lain ambil masa 1-2 jam. Unlike us, they don't have access like PLUS ke NKVE ke SILK ke LEKAS ke so you better utilize your days there. 

That is all from me. I hope you will have a pleasant stay there! If you happened to have other tips, I would appreciate if you can spell it out in the comment section. Thank you.

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