Jul 31, 2010

Sometimes,giving doesn't mean that you're weak,it means that you're strong enough to let it go.

It's been a month now,but I'm still in a major confusion.I keep asking myself,am I doing the right thing? I'm stuck in the middle of dead or alive situation.I'm unable to make any comprehensive decision and my brain just never cooperate to produce a raw solution to overcome this barriers.

However,I'm used to this.I mean,things always went far from what I have planned and expected.To make sure that I will not suffering heart feelings,or probably any distrimental problems,I kept remind myself over and over again that my life is quite adventureous and I should appreciate it,even it was pretty hard to swallow.

Information Management? Like it or not,there is no such alternatives.I have no options indeed.

Some might say that Law is quite tough for me but I'm not a type of person who easily give up on what I really want.Should I just let it go? Miracle,please happen because I think I'm going to give up now.

Jul 20, 2010

Don't blame Katy Perry if everyone is really like her!

If we ever meet again
I won't let you go away (said if we ever meet again)

If we ever ever meet again
I'll have so much more to say (say if we ever meet again)

If we ever ever meet again
I won't let you go away

I don't know whether it is because of the song or it's just me.Everytime I listen to it,I felt like I'm going to drops a litre of tears.Sometimes,especially at night I also get a sudden goosebumps.

Yes,I'm nagging about this song,If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland featuring Katy Perry! If you never listen to this kind of music,hahaha who doesn't,this ain't a sentimental song.I'm pretty sure that you know it is a fast song but if you really look into it from the different side and angle then you will find it own's meaning inside it.

You have no idea how meaningful this song to me.As mentioned above,I really think that the song is mainly focusses all about unexpressed deep feeling towards something.When it plays,my mind started to remembered several unforgettable memories that I left behind.It's automatic and I can't avoid it.

It's a sad situation.When you read your previous posts on your blog and you can clearly see how time has change and teach you about somekind of things that you didn't even realized what was it.It's nature,people changes.

I keep asking myself,why is past always better than present?

Jul 14, 2010

For those who keep asking who the hell Kehoe Cheong is....

Do you have an idol? Or your own role model? It is someone or any person who serves as an example,whose behaviour is emulated by you or others.To be truth,I don't have one.I know,I'm such a pathetic,right?

Do take this note.First of all,I'm a normal and ordinary guy.I'm not a freak or a psycho.

But,I do have an idol who doesn't even exists! He is not my imaginary friend.I repeat,he is a type of doesn't-exists-mortal who I proclaimed I want to be like and he is nobody as he only appears in my head.I know this is too complicated to explain,even that old lady on Murder She Wrote or Doctor Oz can't investigate this.

For those who keep asking who the hell is Kehoe Cheong,I admit that Kehoe Cheong is my alter ego,my damn idol! I repeat,you will never know him because he was created by my vision.Here's a little bit information about him :
  1. He's only 52kg.
  2. He's 170cm tall.
  3. He owns a Scooby Doo's van.
  4. He will get into University of Malaya someday.
  5. He will further study in Japan,it's all about Political Science.
  6. He will get married when he turns 22.
  7. He will be somebody.
See,that's why I love to sleep.It makes me more hyper-imaginative because all of my dreams are pretty inspiring.I never look into the negative side of this type of day-dreaming.I mean,what's wrong when you have your own creational and conceptual idol? Besides,I don't think I'm suffering from identity confusion.I only look him as an example,not my second self.

Moral : Don't be afraid to dream.Don't mind others,they all just asshole.

Jul 5, 2010

Mula-mula saya rasa suka.Lepas dua tiga hari,rasa agak homesick.

I have been here for about a week now.I'm trying to fit in myself here,where the place is so unparallel with my previous universe.Cehh,macam lah anak orang kaya kan,hahaha.Finally,the bloody exhausting orientation program was over.Yesterday,I attended a class,it was like a caunseling session actually and the professor asked everyone a question,

Apa yang awak rasa selama awak seminggu di UiTM ni?

Then,my turn to answer...

Mula-mula saya rasa suka.Lepas dua tiga hari,rasa agak homesick.

When they heard word homesick,they all started to laugh,especially the girls.Come on,what was so funny about being homesick? Please,you don't have to acted like you were so strong.Admit it,that you miss your home,your heaven!

Homesick? I really love to replace word homesick with culture shock! I'm so shocked here,everything is way different from my old life.Since eighteen years ago,I never been apart from my family and friends.I kissed my mom every single day,I hugged my sisters before they went to school and I talked to my bestfriends anywhere and anytime,we have been together through thick and thin.So,what do you expect me to feel?

Right now,I think I'm doing fine.I can't believe I say this but Segamat wasn't so bad afterall! It's raining every evening here,most suitable period for me to sleep.

But,to be truth,I don't give a damn if people want to judge me based on my answer.People knows nothing,they were just pretend like they know everything.I don't have to worry about that.I know,it's just a typical phase that I have to go through,it's only now or never.