Sep 25, 2011


Hey look who owns Twitter account! Hihihi.I'm such an outdated douchebag.I know you guys owned it since T-Rex was a baby,am I right? I just made it a couple of days ago since I thought I should have one social network for a back-up.I know right,Facebook is dying!

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Sep 22, 2011


Nickname.Do you have one? What is yours?

During my entire lifetime,I do have several nicknames given by other people but they still prefer to call my real name.Therefore,to be called other than my name is so uncommon and unparallel to my universe since then.

Things turn into another story here.One day,I was on my way back to campus with my best buddy,Muhammad Farn.He picked me up.Then,there were his friends inside the car,both were UIA students.We mixed together very well since they were being such a dickhead,never stop talking crap.After that,they were thinking that I looked like a puppy and giving that fucking baby dog's name to me.

It was so unethical to my ears at first! Farn used that name to call me,same goes to my closest friends here.They were saying it loud,like hundreds of times,over and over and over again,until I found myself getting used to it now.You want to know what is the name? It is..


To pronounce it properly,you must say it normally at the part 'Kha',and then,give your highest pitch at the part 'Luihhh'.It sounds strange,isn't it? I don't know what kind of puppy name is that actually.It is more into an African sex language,perhaps a Jamaican name or even maybe a ghost name of Red Indian's myths,who knows? Whatever,as long as it sounds cute,it suits me.Bahahahaha!

I'm cutting my hair short! I'm feeling like a puppy now,Khaluihh..khaluihh..khaluihhh..~

Sep 12, 2011


Hi people.Do you really miss me?

You know,past couple of days was my birthday.Well,I usually didn't celebrate it at all before.I mean,I'm not going to have cakes,party and stuff.I'm not boring,I'm just thinking that I'm big enough to blow that fucking candles on that fucking cake because that was so fucking 10 years ago.

Last Saturday,I realized that all people were acting kind of weird because they didn't behave normally like they used to.I thought to myself,why? I talked to my friends and from their eyes I can see that get-off-from-my -fucking-face-you-manwhore! look. I went straight to my bed,earphones in,volume up,it was All Time Low time.

I woke up at midnight,alone like a dog.Suddenly,there was someone knocked on the door.I was like,who the hell? The door is not fucking locked,bitch.Just open them up.Since I don't give a damn much about my fucking birthday,guess what? History repeated itself.

I feel like I'm turning nine again.It's cool to see all of them gathering just to celebrate my birthday.I'm speechless.


Sep 2, 2011


Since I got my fucking own driving license,my motorcycle is no longer needed,completely.Pity him,he must feel very upset for sure.No worries,I'm so going to use your services soon!

My father gave me his old car.Well,as you can see from the picture above,it is not a Mini Cooper or Mazda 2,or even Audi A4.It is just a 15 years old Proton Saga.It is an old car,a senior car! However,it is still in a good condition as everything is pretty fine inside out.I understand if some people are saying that my car is an ugly as an old teapot,well,at least I got a car,like hello?

For that reason,I think it is more than enough.I can go whenever and wherever I wanna go absolutely with no sweat and not getting wet caused by the pouring rain.In case if you don't know,my car already got a name,can you guess what? I called him Charizard,you know what is it,no?