Sep 2, 2011


Since I got my fucking own driving license,my motorcycle is no longer needed,completely.Pity him,he must feel very upset for sure.No worries,I'm so going to use your services soon!

My father gave me his old car.Well,as you can see from the picture above,it is not a Mini Cooper or Mazda 2,or even Audi A4.It is just a 15 years old Proton Saga.It is an old car,a senior car! However,it is still in a good condition as everything is pretty fine inside out.I understand if some people are saying that my car is an ugly as an old teapot,well,at least I got a car,like hello?

For that reason,I think it is more than enough.I can go whenever and wherever I wanna go absolutely with no sweat and not getting wet caused by the pouring rain.In case if you don't know,my car already got a name,can you guess what? I called him Charizard,you know what is it,no?


monsterblog said...

Hai there! Same here, I just got my licence and my father bought me 'Kereta Raya'!!

High five!

Kehoe Cheong said...

Wow,really? High - 5!!

Salam Aidilfitri,anyway!