Sep 22, 2011


Nickname.Do you have one? What is yours?

During my entire lifetime,I do have several nicknames given by other people but they still prefer to call my real name.Therefore,to be called other than my name is so uncommon and unparallel to my universe since then.

Things turn into another story here.One day,I was on my way back to campus with my best buddy,Muhammad Farn.He picked me up.Then,there were his friends inside the car,both were UIA students.We mixed together very well since they were being such a dickhead,never stop talking crap.After that,they were thinking that I looked like a puppy and giving that fucking baby dog's name to me.

It was so unethical to my ears at first! Farn used that name to call me,same goes to my closest friends here.They were saying it loud,like hundreds of times,over and over and over again,until I found myself getting used to it now.You want to know what is the name? It is..


To pronounce it properly,you must say it normally at the part 'Kha',and then,give your highest pitch at the part 'Luihhh'.It sounds strange,isn't it? I don't know what kind of puppy name is that actually.It is more into an African sex language,perhaps a Jamaican name or even maybe a ghost name of Red Indian's myths,who knows? Whatever,as long as it sounds cute,it suits me.Bahahahaha!

I'm cutting my hair short! I'm feeling like a puppy now,Khaluihh..khaluihh..khaluihhh..~


Afiqah Sanusi said...

I prefer with ur old hairstyle.Tp ni pun quite smart juga.I'm pleased :)

Kehoe Cheong said...

The old one is too long.You know,during the final examination,you're not allowed to answer the paper if you have long hair.

#if your are a guy
#if you are a UiTM student

HafizaYunus said...

comelnya kau khaluihhh :p