Jan 29, 2011


In case if you don't know,Jenny already have four babies! They were completely healthy,but still naughty like their mother used to be.I didn't give names to all of them yet,but I'm pretty sure my sisters will take that part.

Time flies pretty fast,I still remember when I first met Jenny,she was small just like her kids.Tommy is also pregnant,she looks like a really huge hairball right now.So many cats already,what to do?Actually,they are currently open for adoption,anyone? Take a look at this!

Jan 28, 2011


I have been struggling about this issue since I was a kid.Acne has always been a problem for me since I was 12 and I'm almost 20 right now.It doesn't shows any sign to stop.

Back to the past,I always wanted a perfect flawless skin,no scars,blemish free and smooth like a tomato.Who doesn't love perfection,right? I thought I could be so much handsome just like a Korean movie star without those acnes.I have tried so many products such as Clearasil,Oxy and Neutrogena,none of them works! I was so jealous to see people who got perfect skin without trying too hard for it.They must have good genetics.

Honestly,now I don't care about it anymore.As for mine,my skin is absolutely fine for me.I have acnes here and there,what's up with that? I strongly feel that if someone won't like you just because of your skin then well,they are superficial and not worth your time.You are special so don't let your skin bother you.

Being stressed about acne isn't going to solve anything for you.It's weird to see some people just can't stop complaining about their red tiny acne on their forehead.Wake up,there's a woman who just got infected by HIV in Africa!

Jan 27, 2011


I have no idea why I watched too many romantic movies.

I was more into action,or maybe humorous type of movies before but things were completely different nowadays.Damn,I used to be a fan of Jack Black okay! I am no longer watching those kind of genre,maybe because I'm hunting for something which is more,maybe soulful?

I watched The Notebook last night and it was epic! I really adore movies which made from the adaptation of the novel such as A Walk To Remember, Dear John,The Time Traveler's Wife,The Lovely Bones and you know what I'm talking about,right?

I watched all of them more than a time,especially if the author was Nicholas Sparks because he creates such a powerful love story.Besides,the lines were also deep and meaningful.I searched about him on Wikipedia,and most of his books based on true stories which happened to him.What a dramatic life,now I believe he was born to do this.I'm going to watch The Last Song tonight,care to join,anyone?

Not forget to mention,I like almost novel-based movies but Twilight is the only exception.

Jan 24, 2011


Damn,I regret about my previous post (click here) which I voiced out my frustrations towards Unit Pengurusan Kolej here because they were not giving me my last semester's room.I was overwhelmed by an extreme dissapointment that time.

Life's treat me so well lately.I met several new friends,they were cool.We talked,laughed and watched movies together a lot of times.It's weird to watch romantic movies back to back with a group of guys but I think I'm used to it these days.

Besides,I also met a bunch of new friends from Business course.I just knew them in not more than a day but we became very close right now.Tons of assignment need to be submitted as soon as possible but for some reasons,I think I need to calm myself down a little bit.Therefore,we went to Malacca about last Saturday.We played truth or dare,watch a movie,went to beaches,everything like you did with your lunatic friends!

I have learned something.We must not easily judge our own life because we never know what will happen to us in the future.Everything requires time.Every bad beginning will lead to blast ending.All I can say is thank God.He hears all of my wishes.I don't know why I post about this,maybe because I'm starting to like my life here.For the first time ever,I felt like I don't want to go back home every weekend,unlike last semester.

Jan 20, 2011



Jan 19, 2011


I'm not a big fan of latest gadgets in market.In fact,I don't even give a damn towards them.You know,all of them going to cost a lot of money and I'm broke.But I don't know why I don't envy people who use Blackberry,Sony Xperia,Nokia E71 and all that kind of latest design (fucking huge) of cellphone.Mine also not bad what...
  1. I can call people.
  2. I can text people.
  3. I can listen to my favorite songs.
  4. I can snap pictures also.
  5. I can't online,but I'm not that lifeless lah kan batak sangat nak online everywhere.
I have been a user of my Sony W880i since two years ago.I call it,Sonia.I'm a weirdo,I gave names to all of my stuffs actually.Apparently,Sonia and I have went through a lot of harsh times together.Besides,she also fell hundreds of time but she still okay until now.See,how amazing she is?

I'm not saying my cellphone is the coolest stuff in this universe.Please,don't get me wrong because I'm just trying to say that I'm happy with what I have and of course I don't need to ask for more.I'm trying to be grateful of everything.All I know is as long as my cellphone able to functions well,I will keep my faith baby!

Jan 10, 2011


For the subject IMD 152,I got my last semester lecturer,who is the one and only Miss Ila.I'm so relieved that she's my lecturer,simply because she's the most fierce one.That will make me scare to death if I let her down! I believe in order to be good,one must be cruel!

On the last class,about last Wednesday,she told us how to lead a healthy lifestyle.Sleep early,don't smoke,don't do drug and stuff.I was like,okay.I already knew all that since I was a baby.Then,she said something,maybe sounds like this,

Awak semua ni kena lah minum air kosong banyak-banyak.Sebab tu la muka awak semua ni,pucat lesi,nampak tak bermaya macam orang sakit.Khalis,kurang air.

I was like,what? Hahaha.Motherfuck,I now realized that my face was very dry and pale.I looked extremely exhausted sometimes.It was just an external side of me,though.I am a healthy guy inside out actually,even if I don't look like one but I think it is important for us to keep our health balanced,both internally and externally.Damn,I really need to stuff myself with gallons of mineral water like,seriously.

We need at least eight glasses of water everyday in order to maintain our health.Past few days,I really turn into a mineral water monster! I drank nearly five 500ml of mineral water everyday until I thought that toilet was my most visited place ever! I have been there for about,something around 25 times!

But that's not a matter at all for me.Come on,I want to be healthy.I want my kidney functions well.I want my teeth strong enough to eat Kit-Kat when I was 89.I want to increase my metabolism rate.I want to eliminate toxins from my damn body.I want to stay young like Brad Pitt on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.I want my wife,or maybe wives looks 20 years older than me.I want people call me handsome!

Jan 8, 2011


I'm addicted to this stuff lately,since I was on my last semester break.Every morning,I went to mini market nearby and I never forget to bought it.Come on,how can I forgot something which was extremely creamy? Yum yum yum!

Damn,I don't even know why I really so into milky stuff nowadays.My mother said to me once that milk is good for our health.Therefore,I think it is better for me to buy Dutch Lady milk rather than a Coke.Do you know that a can of Coca-Cola equals to 15 tablespoons of sugar?

I want to share something with you guys! Want to know a masterpiece recipe for making something much more creamier than ever?

Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk + Winston Light = smile like there's no tomorrow!

Jan 6, 2011


I already got my room.

Last semester,I was in 2D's block.Where I met so many awesome people and also experienced tons of unexpected events.It was like a refreshing introduction to a new world.

This semester,I was placed in 2B's block and I'm not happy about it.What's up with this kind of joke? They threw me away just because of my pointer? First of all,I was wondering,why all of my friends got the exactly same room like previous semester? I'm so envious with them actually! They were still in 2D and there's nothing change for God sake!

Unlike me,who have to go through several stages in order to consider someone as my friend.They were so many juniors in my new block including all of my new roommates.I'm not labeling any negativity aspect to a word junior itself but I'm the type of people who find it so hard to trust or believe someone new yet close,in my life.Beware of fucking strangers,guys!

I smoked a lot these days,like really a lot.I went to my 2D friend's rooms almost 20 times a day.I had so much fun spending time with them.I was a little bit culture shocked,I guess.Please,we knew each other very well and we have been through a lot.Sounds soooo gay! Damn,I really miss being with those motherfuckers Faidi,Pojan,Adam,Syed,Paan,Bobby,Tasyrif,Sagak,Syakir and all!

This ain't my diversity.I hate meeting a new friend because I'm not good at making one.I really hope people were being truth to themselves when they told me that,time will heal everything.

Jan 1, 2011


I didn't celebrate New Year's Eve,like others.I'm not cool enough to be like them.Partying all night,going to concert,drinking alcohol,having sex and stuff.I'm not dissing anyone okay.Maybe I will figure out,what's so great celebrating an another year with that kind of activities.

Last night,I was heading to the top of Bukit Mewah,Kajang,where you actually can see a real panorama of Kuala Lumpur.I'm really captivated by those colorful fireworks from nearly 20 different places! I felt like,I was on Katy Perry's video.Next,I was playing cards with my friends.We laughed our ass off until the dawn.Nothing is more therapeutic than spent your time with old friends and talked about past your past that you have went through with them.

I can't believe how fast time flies.I going back to Johore tomorrow because my classes will be start on this upcoming Monday.I have to be strong.It's only four months,and then,semester break again! Just bring it on,I'm ready.I already had a lot great moments.I miss words tension and pressure! HAHA

It was an end of a really good year.They were so true,being 18 was the most daring year of your lifetime,it was a stage where you can resist everything except temptation or you're immobilized by your own curiousity.Thanks for everything,2010! The year which I learned a lot.