Jan 27, 2011


I have no idea why I watched too many romantic movies.

I was more into action,or maybe humorous type of movies before but things were completely different nowadays.Damn,I used to be a fan of Jack Black okay! I am no longer watching those kind of genre,maybe because I'm hunting for something which is more,maybe soulful?

I watched The Notebook last night and it was epic! I really adore movies which made from the adaptation of the novel such as A Walk To Remember, Dear John,The Time Traveler's Wife,The Lovely Bones and you know what I'm talking about,right?

I watched all of them more than a time,especially if the author was Nicholas Sparks because he creates such a powerful love story.Besides,the lines were also deep and meaningful.I searched about him on Wikipedia,and most of his books based on true stories which happened to him.What a dramatic life,now I believe he was born to do this.I'm going to watch The Last Song tonight,care to join,anyone?

Not forget to mention,I like almost novel-based movies but Twilight is the only exception.


Ninaa Joyy said...

Haha. Twilight is a big exception.

ocha said...

The Notebook really made me cry hard. Epic.

Hairul @ Kay said...

a walk to remember is the best novel ever... even the movie cannot do any justice to the whole story... but still worth watching though

amie. said...

ramai orang kata the notebook best. omg, i need to watch it i guess.

Kehoe Cheong said...

The Notebook was magnificent.Rachael McAdams was such a great actress,and yes,you need to watch it!

But I still prefer A Walk To Remember,some might say the novel is better than the movie,I have to agree with that completely!