Jan 10, 2011


For the subject IMD 152,I got my last semester lecturer,who is the one and only Miss Ila.I'm so relieved that she's my lecturer,simply because she's the most fierce one.That will make me scare to death if I let her down! I believe in order to be good,one must be cruel!

On the last class,about last Wednesday,she told us how to lead a healthy lifestyle.Sleep early,don't smoke,don't do drug and stuff.I was like,okay.I already knew all that since I was a baby.Then,she said something,maybe sounds like this,

Awak semua ni kena lah minum air kosong banyak-banyak.Sebab tu la muka awak semua ni,pucat lesi,nampak tak bermaya macam orang sakit.Khalis,kurang air.

I was like,what? Hahaha.Motherfuck,I now realized that my face was very dry and pale.I looked extremely exhausted sometimes.It was just an external side of me,though.I am a healthy guy inside out actually,even if I don't look like one but I think it is important for us to keep our health balanced,both internally and externally.Damn,I really need to stuff myself with gallons of mineral water like,seriously.

We need at least eight glasses of water everyday in order to maintain our health.Past few days,I really turn into a mineral water monster! I drank nearly five 500ml of mineral water everyday until I thought that toilet was my most visited place ever! I have been there for about,something around 25 times!

But that's not a matter at all for me.Come on,I want to be healthy.I want my kidney functions well.I want my teeth strong enough to eat Kit-Kat when I was 89.I want to increase my metabolism rate.I want to eliminate toxins from my damn body.I want to stay young like Brad Pitt on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.I want my wife,or maybe wives looks 20 years older than me.I want people call me handsome!


Ninaa Joyy said...

Aku pun tengah belajar minum bnyk air sekarang. haha

Kehoe Cheong said...

Baguslah.Sebab banyak kebaikan yang akan kita dapat.Aku pun tak tau apa hal aku alert dengan health issues belakangan ni!