Jan 1, 2011


I didn't celebrate New Year's Eve,like others.I'm not cool enough to be like them.Partying all night,going to concert,drinking alcohol,having sex and stuff.I'm not dissing anyone okay.Maybe I will figure out,what's so great celebrating an another year with that kind of activities.

Last night,I was heading to the top of Bukit Mewah,Kajang,where you actually can see a real panorama of Kuala Lumpur.I'm really captivated by those colorful fireworks from nearly 20 different places! I felt like,I was on Katy Perry's video.Next,I was playing cards with my friends.We laughed our ass off until the dawn.Nothing is more therapeutic than spent your time with old friends and talked about past your past that you have went through with them.

I can't believe how fast time flies.I going back to Johore tomorrow because my classes will be start on this upcoming Monday.I have to be strong.It's only four months,and then,semester break again! Just bring it on,I'm ready.I already had a lot great moments.I miss words tension and pressure! HAHA

It was an end of a really good year.They were so true,being 18 was the most daring year of your lifetime,it was a stage where you can resist everything except temptation or you're immobilized by your own curiousity.Thanks for everything,2010! The year which I learned a lot.

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ilove 2010! heheh. happy new year :)