Mar 30, 2010

Oh Kenny Rogers,please be good to me,okay?

I've got a new job.I will start working tomorrow,at Kenny Rogers Roasters.Where? At The Mines.Do you know the place?

I have quited 7-Eleven,because the place was darn boringgggg! You must been thinking what a lousy guy I am,didn't you? Of course,I keep changing my job,over and over,and over again.

But one thing remains the same,which is I NEED MONEY!

Promise me buddy,be good to me okay?

Sejak pc aku kena sambar petir ni,terseksa betul hidup aku terpaksa online dekat cc...menghadap anak-anak haram yang menjengkelkan!


azhar ariffin said...

goodluck laa bro..!!

Shamin S. said...

for real pc kne sambar petir?

Muhammad Khalis said...


superduperhairi ;) said...

One more of my friend went working to Kenny?
Haa?! Apa hal semua keje kenny ni? -_-"

Muhammad Khalis said...

kenny makan sedap...