Mar 12, 2010

My maths is D and I'm very proud of it!

Life's been so great lately.Tired of being upset,I just want to seek for happiness.People,hear this annoying statement of mine,

Aku dapat Sejarah,A!

You know how it feels,don't you? When you put a lot of effort on something,and it's totally works! God had opened my eyes,that nothing's impossible if you dare to dream.I will work harder after this,no matter what happened,I'll never give up! Yuck,I sounds lame!

To my dearest teachers,I don't know how I'm going to thank you guys.It's not 10As but still, it means a lot to me though.May God bless you.

Please believe in karma,even it's still sucks.I've got G for my Additional Mathematics,probably the only one who still failed in the class.Therefore,please do some exercises and homeworks! You got that? But it's okay,I'm used to it.

I'm so happy.I just want to give everything to everyone.But I can't.Hahahaha.

Being single is not that bad.I'm not feeling empty and lonely at all.Furthermore,I'll start practises phrase move on in my life.I still have friends who still lend their hands whenever and wherever I fall.We will having a lot of good times after this,





no worry guys,I'm doing okay! I'm promise,there will be no more tear-jerking stories in my blog.Life's pretty short for being sad,don't you think?


Nej Jalidar said...

Well, nothing is wrong with being sad, it's just human. But I'm glad you're okay.
Sejarah A? What the hell did you eat? -.-

si ninaa joyy ! said...

kudos !

atheera veslee said...

its okay lah bai..
yeah sejarah A mak aii..power!!