Feb 16, 2010

Chip Chip Chip Chip and Dale!

Take a look at this hairball! Well,my mom found it this morning.I don't know why but I think it is a cute and innocent look creature.It's a boy.Both of my sister were so deeply in love with this..ermm..it's not a rat actually,it's a squirrel.Do I spell it correctly?

The two stupid fangirls already prepared the name.Eventhough the name is a little bit corky and gay,I just have to deal with it because the squirrel's belong to them.

They call it JB which is a shortform of Justin Beiber. Oh my bitch,so gay!

Let me tell ya one time!



jB walawehh

Kartika Azmi said...

hahaha i always hate dealing with that kind of adik.hahaha

Muhammad Khalis said...

You've got a friend here!