Sep 6, 2010

My recent mood - So happy I could just die!!!

I feel like I'm ignoring my blog lately.I'm so sorry,I just returned home from Segamat,Johor.The day was finally came.The day that I have waited for so long before.I'm so excited! I want to do this,I want to do that! So much things needed to be done,I feel alive,once again! Exhaustion is not a matter at all of course!

Johor - place where nothing is good when anything about it came out from my mouth.Actually,I used to love the place before.When I was 8,I once lived with my aunt in Johor Bahru.To tell the truth,I was so in love with it because I felt like I was in Taiwan!

I mean,most of the neighbours were Chinese,with fat ugly dogs everywhere,malls nearby only take five-minutes walk,a lot of big houses and huge buildings.I just can't forget the daily scenery there even it already happened nearly a decade ago.

Time runs fast.Everything's changing,slowly and dramatically.I have never been to Johor since then.Therefore,I can say that Johor Bahru is the only place of Johor where I have stepped onto it's land.Besides,I also wished I could go to Johor again,someday!

Yeah,someday is today!

But once I was accepted to enter UiTM Johor,it clearly change my minds and thoughts.The sweet and lovely memories of Johor are keep fading away,every single day,maybe it was erased by my thick hateness towards my recent place.Every night,I hope that all of this are just a dream,a terrifying nightmare.

Damn,I hope I can turn back the time! Whatever it takes,I have to end this crap! Calm down,two years more to go!

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Sesumpah said...

aloghh kejap gila 2 tahun tuh ;D