Sep 26, 2010


Nothing happened much lately.I just went through another stressful day,thanks to my lecturers for already gave me a lot of assignments and upcoming tests.What could be more fabulous than that?

I have got a new routine.Maybe a new daily habit.Recently,before I went to sleep,I must watch at least two movies.Wahhh, maybe it was lame,or it should be nothing to make fuss about but I'm really having fun with it.

I managed to watch a lot of latest,actually not so latest,maybe not all of them were the latest one but it was a great thing when you didn't actually missed out the opportunities to watch a bunch of breath-taking movies.

I started with five sequels of American Pie.The next day,I watched The House Bunny and Sorority Boys.Three days ago,it was time for The Time Traveler's Wife and Inception.After that,I watched Salt,gotta tell you it was an awesome movie! Last night,I watched Percy Jackson and Sherlock Holmes.

I have planned to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall but I have no mood because I feel like I'm gonna throw out.I'm not feeling well.


Sesumpah said...

haha pulun semuaa movie!

Ninaa Joy said...

After those movies, why dont you try to watch sitcom or drama like how i met your mother, house, lost, etc .

Angie said...


which site do you go to watch?

Anonymous said...

If you're into American Pie and The House Bunny, I reckon you should watch Sex Drive. Ludicrous like hell, I tell you. HAHA.

Muhammad Khalis said...

Ninaa Joy.Actually,HIMYM was so famous here in my place.My roomate also asked me to watch it before.I watched it once but I just can't get it.It's not that I'm too immature to understand the lines,it's just I can't follow it.Same goes to another popular sitcom like Friends,Two and Half Man,King of Queens,and so on.

The only sitcom I watched is the one and only The Nanny!

Muhammad Khalis said...

Fikri Fadzil.Thank you for your suggestions anyway.It's really fun to watch sex-based movies like that.I could just watched them non-stoply til morning,gotta tell ya that Van Wilder is my current favorite.

Thank you again,for sharing.

Anonymous said...

LOL, thank YOU for suggesting as well! xD I just checked out Van Wilder's movie trailer in Youtube and can't stop giggling. HAHA. I'll see if I can watch that movie next time.