Sep 14, 2010

A hundred seperate lines.

As time goes by,people come and go.Just like the blowing wind.Sometimes,without any sign and that even worst.But that's pretty fine because goodbye is like another f-word,better just STFU right?

We seperate,

We try to move on,

We meet new people and

We keep on living.

That is a typical cycle of relationship.Nothing lasts long forever,it is kind of suck to know that.To be honest,I hate being apart from my friends.I really hate it.They were the most irresistable human-being on Earth! No one could replace them.I want to be with them,laugh like there is no tomorrow!

Suddenly I realized about a bigger dream of mine.I believe extreme relaxation brings you nowhere.Therefore,I decided to calm myself down a little bit.I know there is nothing needed to worry about because my friends still with me no matter what.I need to focus more on myself! Yes,I must stop thinking about others and be able to live happily with my recent life.

I met a lot of old friends during this Eid.Everyone is busy studying.They just can't stop nagging up about their assignments,so do I.It is awesome when I thought to myself,these people were my classmates when they were in Standard 3,that's nearly 10 years ago.Look at them now,some studying at UM,UiTM,UIA,UTM,KPTM,Lim Kok Wing,KLMU,and Taylors.Meanwhile,some will fly to Egypt and Japan this upcoming Thursday!

I'm quite happy for them! Success,everyone deserves it.

Currently listening to Crossfire by Brandon Flowers.


ocha said...

I like this entry very much :)

Anonymous said...

this is such a nice post :]

Muhammad Khalis said...

hahaha,really? well,thank you then!