Oct 8, 2010

Help! I really need help!

Can anyone tell me how to attain maturity externally?

However,this is not a big problem for me because I have no serious issues when it comes to my physical appearance.I'm only 55kg and 165cm tall,I know I'm short but who the hell want to give a fuck? Even my own biological mother never said a word about it.

When I first came here,I was like,wow,there are so many tall and huge guys here! That was the moment when I realized how small and short I was.Therefore,I flashed back my past times,I also remembered something,it's humiliating actually..

If I wasn't mistaken,my ex-girlfriend stands as high as me although she was two years younger than me.When we were dated,I hoped that she didn't wear high heels!

I also don't have a guy look,because a few of my friends said to me that I still looked like a kid.My mustache also didn't grow like a Punjab man.They say that I will never get a girl because I'm still a kiddy and shorty.It's saddening!

Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita ada.Nasib baik ada muka walaupun tak hensem,nasib baik ada kaki walaupun tak panjang.


Anonymous said...

Oh, talk about being a man! I used to have a beard, you know. I thought by possessing such a manly look will eventually make me look mature, a quality that I always want to have.

But then, I realized, man, I'm 18, for God's sake. Why should make myself older than the tender age I'm actually in? Maturity is reflected through actions, your personality. And not external looks, definitely.

So, I shaved my beard two days ago and never felt happier. Thee.

And hey, don't worry about being small, mate! I mean, Tom Cruise is a midget guy himself yet he turned out to be a great man, you know. Flourishing career he has and not to mention his voluptuous wife.

P/S: It's mustache, not mouthstache.

Ninaa Joy said...

Well, we both in the same shoes :)

Muhammad Khalis said...

Fikri Fadzil.God no,so embarrassing! It's mustache! I will correct it now! It's really weird actually,I just turned 18 about a month ago and during that period,my mind just can't stop thinking how to be a man!

Personally,in my dictionary,man is described as tall,dark,matured inside out and athletic.I built up my perspective towards man in a wrong direction I guess.

HelloJasmeen, said...

"nasib baik ada kaki walaupun tak panjang."

sorry but this is funny :D

oh and, feel better soon.