Oct 29, 2010

Another post for tear-jerker

Three more papers to go! The next one is on this upcoming Monday.I decided to chill a little bit tonight,as usual,watching movies until morning.There's nothing much I can do here during my free time actually,instead of zzzzzzzz and moviesssss!

Apparently,I'm not a huge fan of Korean movies.In fact,I really fuck those who have major problem such as strong obsession towards whatsoever stuffs from Korea.Just look at my sister,she find it hard to fall in love with a local dude because she was so into,what they call it? Alaahhh,a bunch of boys yang nyanyi lagu Sorry Sorry tu.Damn,I call this a type of infectious disease because both of my sisters suffer similar issue.

When it comes to dramas or movies,I prefer Japanese compared to Korean because I think Japanese produced better story-line,short but compact and their language was pretty enjoyable to listen to.While Korean love to make long stories,there will be tear-fall endlessly scene on each episode and it is annoying!

I seldomly posted about how great a movie was before but I really need to post one right now! I just watched a Korean movie called A Millionaire's First Love and I think it was magnificent! It's been so many times I've watched action movies,okay yesterday I watched Wanted and also Inglorious Basterds already.Now,it's time for me to turn blue.

Oh,it's really saddening! When God loves more the one we love the most.It would be wasting of time if I tell you the story,why don't you watch it for yourself? Please,you will not regret about it!

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Khaleeqa Idrus said...

For God's sake, I despise K-Pop or whatever that is related to Korea except for Lee Jun Ki who is undeniably a good dancer. Their production especially songs produced have no quality, at all -.-