Oct 25, 2010


I'm on my examination week! The duration is about a fortnight,and then I can get off from here.It's kind of amusing to see everyone,studying like there's no tomorrow.Frankly said,it really helps me a lot,I mean their current behavior kind of motivative.

This is the only time I need to focus more on my academic.Besides,I have set my target,and of course I have to work my fucking ass off towards my accomplishments.I remember my SPM era,that time I have my own effective ways of studying,especially memorizing something and I did well on most of my papers.Let's hope history repeat for itself!!

Furthermore,I'm not going spend hours of my precious time sitting in front of my laptop.But I already broke my promise because I watched two movies last night! How could this happened? I watched Remember Me,starred by biggest homo Robert Pattinson,which is the most regretful two hours of my life I guess! After that,I watched Dear John,alahh the film with plenty of scenes-at -the-beach but nothing is actually happened.Last night I was damn sleepy,therefore I didn't get it,at all,both movies! I'm such an awful timewaster! Tonight is going to be hot,hopefully because I want to watch The Runaways,they say there will be a kissing scene and lesbian part between Dakota Fanning and Kirsten Stewart,is that true?

Praise the Lord! I'm not the type of pathetic human who have an ability to surf Facebook and stick on it like,4-5 hours every night! Obsession,it is an infectious disease and it can express stupidity but I realized that I shouldn't say this.It's all about life,it's their life by the way even if I think they should get one right now.

I better go studying something right now! Guys,do wish me a good luck,okay?


Fikri Fadzil said...

Good luck, mate. Nice photo of yourself up there. :)

Ninaa Joy said...

Same shoes, so goodluck !

Ahmad Muslim said...

gud waste timer..?? sme here..

Khaleeqa Idrus said...

DUDE -- I also think that spending half of the day in front of the comp for FB is foolish.