Jun 24, 2011


So many great things happened to me lately. Life is as sweet as sugar,too sweet until I feel like I don't deserve it. What a surprise! Because I used to be a boy who once felt a non-stop emptiness in my life before. Suddenly, it changed drastically. Do you ever feel that way?

Sometimes, I'm a little bit afraid. I'm afraid I can't control myself from being happy. I'm afraid I will just can't get enough. I'm afraid I will turn into something I said I would never be.I'm afraid I will lost everything.

But I believe, in your lifetime, you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Being way too concerned and secured could ruin everything. At certain times, you must take a step out from your comfort zone and breath in the freedom air all by yourself.

Dear God,I'm so glad you heard all of my wishes. I couldn't be any happier than this. I couldn't ask for more. Now,I can't sleep because my life is better than my dream.


H. said...

Untunglaaa orang tengah bahagia.


Kehoe Cheong said...

Hahahahaha,memang untung sangat