Mar 12, 2011


I spent a lot of times with those two guys,Fakhri and Aniq these weekend.I knew them since I was in Form 1,didn't realize we are 19 now.Since all of us were a bunch of grown up and extremely busy with our own stuffs,it is pretty hard to meet each other.

Finally,I managed to meet them in HR Steakhouse,Kg.Baru.I really had a blast with them.They freshen up all of the memories in high school.Some of them were fucking hilarious,we laughed like a maniac until morning.

All time favorite,Fish and Chip! Damn,that mayo looks like sperms.

Si Jawo dan Si Minang,I love you!

Diorang cakap muka aku macam 'taiko',betul ke? Hahaha.

I'm glad to knew them.I'm glad to see them growing up perfectly.I'm glad our friendship still remains the same,eventhough we were all apart.Friendship won't lasts,it never ends.Damn,I sound like a Spice Girl here.

p/s : 300? Thank you,people! God bless you!


dhanial yahaya said...

Blog famous kan. Mesti lah 300 lebih. Huhu

dochi said...

lepak-ing until 3:42 a.m (or maybe more I guess hahaaa) with buddies mmg heaaaaven lah :DD

eleezarocket said...

The title? You are so right dude.Ada kawan dari darjah 1 sampai sekarang, hope we can stay together sampai bila2 :)

Kehoe Cheong said...

Dhanial.Mana ada famous,aku pun tak sangka ada juga followers.

Dochi.Yeahhh,mesti kamu selalu lepak dengan girlfriends kamu jugak kan?

Eleezarocket.I never befriend with people that long.I mean,Darjah 1? Woaaahhh,keep it up!