Mar 5, 2012


I just deleted my Facebook account last week. For those who asked why,here are some concrete reasons:
  1. Almost 50% of my friends on Facebook..Hmm,to be honest,I don't know them! I want to keep like 200-300 friends at first,but since Facebook won't allow me to delete using 'mark all' type.. T__T
  2. So many attention seekers on my friend list (I bet in yours,too),posting irrelevant comments,just to get 'Like' hits.It's annoying,so,yeah!
  3. I rarely online,I don't know why,if I posted new pictures,I got so excited but those excitements lasted for only 2 days.
  4. My Facebook is like a fridge,where I only opened them to look for something,then closed them tight.
  5. Too many annoying cousins and relatives that..hmm,you know what I mean,right?
  6. Heck,I still got my blog and Twitter.
  7. I don't want to be social network maggots!
  8. Last one - Nowadays, I prefer to be invisible
Since I'm no longer a Blackberry user,I don't think I have problem if I don't have any social network,I still have a blast all time.I was mistaken,I thought I could not live without it. Things already turned into another story now.

I am completely happy with my life.


Khaleeqa Idrus said...

I was not so active on FB before this but ever since I worked at Giant, the guy on whom I had a crush made me reactivate myself till I forgot that I was such an active tweetpeep. LMAO!

It is good to know you are a determined kinda of person. *clapclap* :D

Erin's Big BUT said...

Frankly, I do respect your determination..If only I have the willpower.. T_T