Mar 1, 2013


I'm a little bit mainstream (not as mainstream as J.K Rowling or Stephanie Mayer hihihi) when it comes to authors and books.I used to love Nicholas Sparks,he's the one who's responsible for taking me into the book worm's planet.I remember my first book was The Notebook nearly four years ago.Who doesn't love Nicholas Sparks anyway? His books are masterpiece and I don't think I should list some of them as examples since all of you already knew it,right?

As for now,I'm addicted to Mitch Albom.If Sparks can prove that love is more powerful than death,Albom managed to take you to different dimension between life and death.Last year,I borrowed The Five People You Meet In Heaven from my university library.I was so in love with the book.It was the first book that managed to touch my heart.I read it for about five times already!

I bought three Mitch Albom's on the Big Bad Wolf about two months ago. I started to read For One More Day and guess what,once again he touched my heart even more.I don't know about you,at least for a mommy's boy like me,he surely did.Siapa yang banyak lawan cakap emak dia,baca lah buku ni.

Currently,I'm reading Have A Little Faith.It's a little bit slow.I better get it finish fast before I read Tuesday With Morrie.

If you have any interesting books to share,please give me suggestions! Bye,I'm going to Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Fire Sale now!


Nor Sofiah Ahmad said...


I'm googling about BBW aftermath and come across with your blog... I would like to suggest that you try to read the last lecture by randy pausch...

Kehoe Cheong said...

Going to try it soon! I heard it is a controversial book since it has been compared to Mitch Albom's Tuesday With Morrie,right?

Thank you so much for your suggestion! I really appreciate it,friend!

Anonymous said...

i hate you for suggesting the for one more day book.i've been sinking in an ocean of emotion right seriously,rasa nak je peluk mak aku kuat-kuat,cakap,sayang mak. ngeh~

Rocky said...

For One More Day is such a powerful book.Of course I will recomended it to anyone hihihi! I'm glad that you finished it hmmm any suggestion?