Mar 21, 2013


"Kau main bola ke? Kau sepak mesti kencang kan...Kaki berotot"

I used to get that.A lot.How I wished that is real! Seriously,I rarely play any sport,especially football since I'm more into sleeping,day-dreaming,sketching my own comics and playing my Gameboy,Nintendo and stuff.You know,those kind of introvert thing.

I am gifted.I have a pair of muscular legs.I don't know how it gets there,but I think I was born this way.Sometimes,I felt a little bit insecure,hahaha because I can't rock some of my short pants with these kind of legs.At certain times,there will be so many wires there!

Soon,I realized that I shouldn't felt insecure about my physical appearence like,why should I? I'm perfectly fine head to toe! However,I must explore the ability of these legs since I never really use them before.I'm thinking of football,rugby and even muay thai.

Kadang-kadang,teringin rasanya nak terajang orang.Dekat tengkuk.Sampai patah.


zuno said...

gifted? omg u r so lucky..i wish i can get the muscular leg too

yaya bebeh said...

terajang sampai tenkuk patah? Y so mean? haha