Feb 25, 2011


I have one assignment,which I think I'm really looking forward to.The subject is IMD 152,also known as Introduction To Internet Access.My dear lecturer,Miss Ila told us to do some kind of website research.There are 13 different types of websites in this world,we have to pick one,specify our selection and write about it!

Sounds fun,isn't it?

I chose blog.I don't know why,but blog suddenly popped out in my mind that time.Who's that lucky blogger who I will write about? I have made up my decision,and the blog title is diloz o'blog de.Recognize it? If not,you better click the link,fucking now!

I'm not quite sure about his name,since he's using a nickname on his Facebook.He's a Malay.He's from Malaysia.The coolest part is he went to study in Gunma Universty,Japan.There are several things more I like about his blog,his writings were usually fun to read and he also made photo editing tutorial,besides sharing his interest towards cameras.He posted so many pictures of the place where he went in Japan.

I always want to further my study there,I want to experienced everything about Japan.The beautiful scenery,peaceful environment,and as well as robotic lifestyle.I want to taste the real sushi,not Sushi King or Sakae Sushi anymore.I want to know what it feels there when Autumn arrives,the pink flowers fall endlessly in a windy day.I want to go to streets where people dressed themselves exactly like anime characters.Come on,everyone wants to go there because they know what's there in Japan,so I don't have to list everything nice about it,right?

I'm not scare if I won't be able to further my study there,for sure that's a long period.But I will fly there,someday.Dare to dream is what I'm trying to implement to myself.I'm sorry if I look overreact,blame it to my extra excitement for overwhelming me.Maybe I watch too many animes these days.

Damn,this Aragaki Yui's picture really cools me down!


Amie Tempoyak. said...

im so checking out that guy :) all the best with ur assignment, khalis !

Kehoe Cheong said...

He's kinda cool,isn't he? HAHA Thank you Tempoyak!

dochi said...

i love japan seriously more than korean .
*subject IMD 152 macam best .

Kehoe Cheong said...

Korean specially made for kids,and single old women.

s.u.h.a said...

ok, the owner of dilozoblogde is pretty cool ^___^

Kehoe Cheong said...

Now you know,right?hahahahaha